Game Dev Blog - Year 3

Capstone & Portfolio Items - Riley Longman

Capstone Project - UE4 Environment

Dev Log

Started production of assets, blocking out the staircase and some of the vegetation seen in the scene. I've created the stairs, buckets, boards, trees, grass, leaves, and water/clouds.

Portfolio Item 1

Began re-working my scene from last year for my P1 Item. I've made new materials for the main temple and stone blocks, grass, particle effects, water, and changed the lighting/fog.

Update - 2/11/2106

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Starting P2

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Update - March 1st

Added stairs, new textures, sidewalk, trees, street, improved rendering and lighting and effects.
Massey Hall
Character, and other misc model updates, leaf particles, water improvements, materials, lighting, and particles.
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Completely new textures, materials, particle effects, lighting, post-processing, and vegetaiton.
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New Trees - 3/17/2016

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I made these using the hand-drawn feature in SpeedTree. I had an issue trying to make these forever but finally figured it out in my head. First I made a bare tree model, with no leaves, hand drew in branches how I wanted them to look. Then I made a new tree, with no branches, made it very small, and just scaled up the leaves. So the leaves are actually a different model, and I just placed them over the bare branches!

Final Reel

2016 Demo Reel