The Plate Tectonic Tour!!

By: Ivonne Mata

Three places with plate boundaries.

Topographic map of the Himalayan mountains.

How to read this map.

A topographic map allows you to see three-dimensional landscapes like mountains. The lines (contour lines) that are closer together means that it's steeper. When a number like 2,500 it means that, that point is 2,500 ft above sea level.
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How long will the trip be from the DFW airport ?

  • The san Andreas fault will take 3hrs with 30mins while the plane goes 567 miles per hour. the total distance would be 1489.8 miles
  • The mid-Atlantic ridge will take 15hrs with 44mins. total distance 6020 km
  • Himalayan Mts. would take 1 day and 7hrs