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•weather is very humid because of the rainfall. The rainfall is about 250 cm per year, which is about 8 feet, 2 inches per year.

•The largest rainforests are in the Amazon River Basin, the Congo River Basin, and throughout southeast Asia. Smaller rainforests are in Central America, Madagascar, Australia, India, and other locations in the tropical area.

•Animals have had to adapt by protecting themselves from other animals. For example, would be how a turtle or bird can escape a jungle cat. A turtle can try to swim faster to lose the jungle cat. A bird can fly away from the predator unless it's injured. Plants can protect themselves against predators that eat them, they can kill or hurt the predator if the plant is poisonous or if it has thorns.


•Everything in the rainforest varies, from plants to animals. Some of the different plants in the rainforest include vines, bromeliads, the passion fruit plant, and the Victorian water lily. Some animals in the forest include snakes, frogs, toucans, parrots, jaguars, and sloths.

Organisms Adapted

•Sense there is limited resources in the rainforest, animals have adapted to having their own food source that no other animals eat. Plants have had to adapt to the limited to no sunlight. Lots of trees die or do not grow because the taller trees hide the sunlight.


•two organisms in the rainforest that help each other. for example, when the

capuchin monkey feeds on the nectar of flowering trees. it pollinates flowers and gets something to eat.

Ecological pyramid

exotic species: brown bear
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In a rainforest ecosystem, a brown bear would change the ecosystem. Although, it mostly has insects and berries, a brown bear would get meat from the other mammals in the rainforest. In this case, he would eat the birds such as the macaw or the parrot. He couldn't be eaten by any of the other animals though.
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Without the parrot, animals like the python and jaguar would have less food sources, but they still have more to rely on. Also, since the parrot eat seeds, that means that there is more food for the other animals that eat seeds.