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The End of the 2020-2021 School Year is Near.

Dear Cub Nation,

As fresh buds bloom in our front yards and temperatures slowly begin to rise, the mark of Spring is a friendly reminder that the 2020-2021 school year is almost over. We emphasize "almost over" because there's still a lot to do as we patiently await summer break. Brenham ISD students and staff continue to push forward to making this the best school year ever. Our students and staff make us #CubProud!

We have important updates to share, so please scroll down.

As always, thank you for staying engaged!


A medida que los brotes frescos florecen en nuestros jardines y las temperaturas comienzan a subir lentamente, la marca de la primavera es un recordatorio amistoso de que el año escolar 2020-2021 casi ha terminado. Recalcamos "casi terminado" porque aún queda mucho por hacer. Los estudiantes y el personal de Brenham ISD continúan avanzando para hacer este año escolar el mejor. ¡Nuestros estudiantes y personal nos hacen #CubProud!

Tenemos actualizaciones importantes para compartir, así que desplácese hacia abajo.

Como siempre, ¡gracias por permanecer comprometido!

Brenham ISD Hires Assistant Superintendent

The Brenham ISD Board of Trustees approved the hiring of Clayton Gillentine as the new assistant superintendent for administrative services for Brenham ISD. Mr. Gillentine will assume the new leadership role beginning early this summer. Click the image to read more.


La Mesa Directiva de Brenham ISD aprobó la contratación de Clayton Gillentine como el nuevo asistente del superintendente de servicios administrativos para Brenham ISD. El Sr. Gillentine asumirá el nuevo rol de liderazgo a principios de este verano. Haga clic en la imagen para leer más.

Brenham ISD Hires Brenham Junior High Principal

The Brenham ISD Board of Trustees approved the hiring of Jamie Lamar Rochell as the new principal for Brenham Junior High. Mr. Rochell will assume the new leadership role beginning early this summer. Click on the image to read more.


La Mesa Directiva de Brenham ISD aprobó la contratación de Jamie Lamar Rochell como el nuevo director de Brenham Junior High. Rochell asumirá el nuevo papel de liderazgo a principios de este verano.

Brenham ISD Launches Safety Reporting Tool for Students

In Brenham ISD, the safety of our students and staff is our top priority and we are constantly exploring ways to offer the safest educational environment; therefore, BISD is excited to announce that we are launching a new safety reporting tool. Safe2SpeakUp is CrisisGo’s student companion app that gives our students access to safety communication and information. Students can submit tips or report incidents at school to their school’s safety team by downloading the Safe2SpeakUp app or by logging on to the website.

Students interested in Safe2SpeakUP can simply download the app from Google Play, Apple’s App Store, or Chrome Web Store.

Allowing students to have access to Safe2SpeakUP means that they are able to play an active role in their personal safety and the safety of their classmates. Safe2SpeakUP is COPPA compliant, and it will allow students to improve school safety by:

• Anonymously reporting bullying and bully-related activity.

• Reporting safety issues with multi-media reporting options.

• Communicating with the school safety team during an incident.

• Learning about safety risks and solutions.

• Activating a digital panic button and dropping a GPS pin of their location during emergencies.

In addition to the Safe2SpeakUp app, students and parents can also log on to to “Report a Safety Concern” on their campus.

We are excited to empower our students with the technology that can make them safer and provide the safest learning environment possible.


En Brenham ISD, la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes y personal es nuestra principal prioridad y estamos constantemente explorando formas de ofrecer el entorno educativo más seguro; por lo tanto, BISD se complace en anunciar que estamos lanzando una nueva herramienta de informes de seguridad. Safe2SpeakUp es la aplicación complementaria para estudiantes de CrisisGo que brinda a nuestros estudiantes acceso a comunicaciones e información de seguridad. Los estudiantes pueden enviar sugerencias o reportar incidentes en la escuela al equipo de seguridad de su escuela.

Los estudiantes interesados ​​en Safe2SpeakUP pueden simplemente descargar la aplicación desde Google Play, App Store de Apple o Chrome Web Store.

Permitir que los estudiantes tengan acceso a Safe2SpeakUP significa que pueden desempeñar un papel activo en su seguridad personal y la seguridad de sus compañeros de clase. Safe2SpeakUP cumple con COPPA y permitirá a los estudiantes mejorar la seguridad escolar al: • Informar de forma anónima el acoso y las actividades relacionadas con el acoso.

• Informar problemas de seguridad con opciones de informes multimedia.

• Comunicarse con el equipo de seguridad de la escuela durante un incident.

• Conocer los riesgos y las soluciones de seguridad.

• Activar un botón de pánico digital y soltar un pin de GPS de su ubicación durante emergencias.

Además de la aplicación Safe2SpeakUp, los estudiantes y los padres también pueden iniciar sesión en para “Report a Safety Concern” en su campus.

Estamos entusiasmados de capacitar a nuestros estudiantes con la tecnología que puede hacerlos más seguros y proporcionar el entorno de aprendizaje más seguro posible.

Did you know that the Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) is the place to be? Yes, that's right! Ask any of our students and staff, and they will tell you that they love ECLC. Brenham ISD's ECLC Campus opened its doors and hosted Pre-K RoundUp on Monday, April 12, 2021. Students enjoyed activities, made new friends while parents toured the campus, talked to the principal, and had the opportunity to register their little Cub. Watch this Pre-K RoundUp Q&A if you have any questions about the program.

Host: Veronica Johannsen

Guest: Toni Schwartz / ECLC Principal

Guest: Lourdes Rosales / ECLC Bilingual Teacher

ECLC Pre-K RoundUp Q & A Facebook Live!

Brenham ISD MCJROTC students bring home the win! In a fierce competition, the 36 Brenham High School MCJROTC cadets did not leave anything behind when traveling to Dayton, Texas, for the Region 5 competition held at Dayton High School. Students earned Overall Regional Championship honors in:

1st Armed Regulation and Exhibition Drill

2nd Unarmed Regulation and Exhibition Drill

2nd Color Guard

3rd in Academics

The Cubs went up against 14 schools competing from the Region. “This is another wonderful and exciting opportunity to be with my team and compete at Nationals,” said Kara Downs, Brenham High School Cadet. This is the 3rd time in the last four years that Brenham was crowned the Region 5 champions. Placement in the top 3 in the Region qualifies for the National competition, which will occur in St. Louis, Missouri, on May 8th. Brenham has earned its 5th straight invitation to the National competition with this win.


¡Los estudiantes de Brenham ISD MCJROTC se llevan a casa la victoria! En una feroz competencia, los 36 cadetes de MCJROTC de Brenham High School no dejaron nada atrás cuando viajaron a Dayton, Texas, para la competencia de la Región 5 celebrada en Dayton High School. Los estudiantes obtuvieron honores del Campeonato Regional General en:

1er Simulacro de Exposición y Regulación Armada
2do Simulacro de Exposición y Regulación Desarmados
2do guardia de color
3 ° en académicos

Los Cachorros se enfrentaron a 14 escuelas de la Región que competían. "Esta es otra oportunidad maravillosa y emocionante de estar con mi equipo y competir en los Nacionales", dijo Kara Downs, cadete de Brenham High School. Esta es la tercera vez en los últimos cuatro años que Brenham se corona campeón de la Región 5. La colocación entre los 3 primeros en la Región califica para la competencia Nacional, que se llevará a cabo en St. Louis, Missouri, el 8 de mayo. Brenham ha ganado su quinta invitación consecutiva a la competencia nacional con esta victoria.

Brenham ISD students continue to take educational trips during a pandemic school year. Students often look forward to field trips, but doing so on the backdrop of a pandemic can be challenging. Krause Elementary partnered with Education in Action to continue to offer a fun and exciting alternative for students. The 4th grade students at Krause were seen attentive and excited for their virtual field trip. Students had the opportunity to tour the Texas State Capitol in Austin and the Alamo in San Antonio. Through the journey, they also learned about people, places, and events that played important roles in our state's history. Each student received a field trip t-shirt, Arlie the Armadillo, and other goodies. To end the day with a bang, and in Lone Star State style, a Texas theme lunch was served that consisted of Frito pie, Dr. Pepper, and Blue Bell Ice Cream. This is just one example of creative ways Brenham ISD educators have gone above and beyond to make sure Brenham ISD students get the full learning experience.


Los estudiantes de Brenham ISD continúan haciendo viajes educativos durante un año escolar pandémico. Los estudiantes a menudo esperan con ansias las excursiones, pero hacerlo en el contexto de una pandemia puede ser un desafío. Krause Elementary se asoció con Education in Action para continuar ofreciendo una alternativa divertida y emocionante para los estudiantes. Los estudiantes de cuarto grado en Krause fueron vistos atentos y emocionados por su viaje de campo virtual. Los estudiantes tuvieron la oportunidad de recorrer el Capitolio del Estado de Texas en Austin y el Alamo en San Antonio. A lo largo del viaje, también aprendieron sobre personas, lugares y eventos que jugaron un papel importante en la historia de nuestro estado. Cada estudiante recibió una camiseta de la excursión, Arlie the Armadillo y otros obsequios. Para terminar el día con una explosión, y al estilo de Lone Star State, se sirvió un almuerzo temático de Texas que consistió en pastel Frito, Dr. Pepper y Blue Bell Ice Cream. Este es solo un ejemplo de las formas creativas en que los educadores de Brenham ISD han ido más allá para asegurarse de que los estudiantes de Brenham ISD obtengan la experiencia de aprendizaje completa.

Check out the ten selfless National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) students making a difference in their community. This week this group of Cubs volunteered to help students with special needs during a fun game of baseball. Our Cubs are making a lasting impression in the lives of others. Way to go NJHS! #CubProud
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Positive News Alert: 15 National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) members got up early to chalk the sidewalk outside of Brenham Junior High to share positive, uplifting messages to encourage their peers to have a mind frame of success this entire week. With STAAR tests coming up, our NJHS members felt they could relieve some of the anxiety and pressure students feel on big test days with bright colors and positive and powerful messages! Students walked by this morning while NJHS members were hard at work, and one stopped to thank the chalking crew for starting his day off right. Whether they reach 1 or 100 people, the Brenham Junior High NJHS students are always willing to bring some happiness to the campus! #CubProud
MUST WATCH: Mrs. Williams says she's been with the district for 35 years, serving as a coach and a teacher. For her, every single day is a chance to make a difference in a student's life. Brenham ISD… A Proud Community Inspiring and Encouraging Excellence for ALL. #CubProud
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Did you know that Nurse Lela grew up in a family of 14? She shares her journey into nursing and reveals the inspiring message her mom and dad would share with her to push her to succeed.

Brenham ISD... A Proud Community Inspiring and Encouraging Excellence for ALL. #CubProud

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