Kindergarten News

Kindergarten's Weekly Newsletter - Issue 25

CURRICULUM NEWS for February 26th - March 2nd

February 26th - March 2nd


  • come, he, & it
  • Word Families: short Ii
Click here to play sight word games!


  • Understanding poetry, its purpose, and how poetry compares to other types of text
  • Learning to hear the rhythm and rhyme of a poem
  • Understanding poetry through the lens of our 5 senses


  • Using our senses to write like a poet
  • Writing a 6 star sentence: capital at the beginning, makes sense, spaces, punctuation, detail, spelling


  • Joining (addition) & Separating (subtraction) review


  • Soil Properties


  • Black History Month: Mae Jemison, Barack Obama

Review addition & subtraction by listening to the songs below!

ADD 'EM UP! (song for kids about adding +1 up to ten)

Subtract with a Pirate

Important Dates to Remember

Monday, February 26th - Soil samples due

Thursday, March 8th - Open House 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Friday, March 9th - Good Morning Windsong (K-2)

Monday, March 12th - Friday, March 16th - Spring Break

Friday, March 23rd - Parents Night Out 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

See flyer in binder today for more information.

Weekly Homework

Reading Homework

Have your child:

1. Listen to the poem below.

2. Listen to the poem again and clap when you hear rhyming words.

3. What would you do if you found a crocodile in your lunchbox? Write about it.

*Make sure your sentence(s) makes sense, has spaces between words, and punctuation at the end.

Math Homework

Monday - Practice writing subtraction number sentences. Listen to the song/ video further below. As you are listening to the song, stop and write the subtraction number sentence to match (5 - 1 = 4).

Tuesday - Practice writing subtraction number sentences. You will need 2 dice. Roll the dice and write the corresponding number sentence (6 - 3 = 3).

Wednesday - Practice writing subtraction number sentences & comparing numbers. You will need 2 dice again. Player A will roll the dice and write the corresponding number sentence (4 - 1 = 3). Player B will roll the dice and write the corresponding number sentence (10 - 2 = 8). Players will compare their answers (3 is less than 8). Player A will earn a point. Repeat until you have completed 10 rounds. The player with the most points wins.

Thursday - Practice writing subtraction number sentences. Print a set of 10 frame cards below. Cut out cards. Place cards in a stack facing down. Turn over two cards. Write the number sentence to match (9 - 5 = 4). Repeat until all cards are gone.

Friday - No homework! Enjoy your weekend!

*Challenge: Write subtraction number sentences using 3 dice & 3 dot cards (5 - 2 - 1 = 2).