NO MORE! -- By: Diana Faizani

The Internet's Secrets

Think before you send or post. Everything lives on the internet. Even though it says it's deleted, it lives there, forever. Stop and think, "is this right?" No. Cyber bullying is hurtful and some people can't even find the strength to go through it. It hurts lots and lots. So stop and think next time you post or send. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Bringing someone down will NOT help you reach the top, it will bring you even lower.


Good Cellphone Use

It is unnecessary to bully people, whether its online or face-to-face. Think about what you're doing. It may not hurt you, but it hurts the other person. There are other uses of cellphones and laptops, good ones. Use it to stay connected to family and friends, be up to date, and for alarms and reminders. One terrible way of how not to use your cellphone is cyber bullying. Its sad seeing people kill them selves all because little words sent on a screen. Words do hurt. Maybe you were joking, but you don't know how the other person will take it. So, stop and think next time you want to be mean to someone or want to bully them for selfish reasons.
Bullying Powtoon