December Recap and Looking Ahead!

Celebrating the successes of our Oily enJoyMint team!

Way to go team!

I don't know about you, but December was a crazy month! Filled with lots of holiday festivities, decorating, Christmas shopping and gift wrapping, preparing for holiday visits and travel, plus all the stuff a regular month brings! I was definitely on overdrive and feel like I'm still recovering! Despite the craziness of the month though, we had some ladies do incredible things to end the year with a bang!

Let's celebrate some awesome Oily enJoyMint partners from December!!!!

Check out these ROCKSTARS!

Congratulations to each of you ladies! It is so inspiring to see your heart for helping others, your dedication to growing your business with Young Living, and your excitements as goals are achieved! I hope you continue to feel empowered to go after all that you have planned for yourselves!

Putting it out there!

a confession

I've been doing a lot of self-reflecting over the past few weeks as I took a little break from everything to celebrate and spend time with family during the holidays. As a result, I've come to realize a few things. I don't feel like I've been the best leader of the Oily enJoyMint team over the past few months (maybe more....probably more). I've been a little distracted while I attempted to navigate home life and work from home life and to be honest, I still don't have a clue what I'm doing and fail miserably at balancing it every day. As a result, I have not been very productive when sitting down to work and find myself having big plans and not following through on anything! Not a great example for you as you try to build your own business and support your own teams. But I have Big Plans to change that! haha - the difference is I am determined to change it.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the culture that I'm creating and to be honest, I'm not loving it. It's not completely awful, but my many absences have created an environment of little action, little participation, and little motivation for not only you guys building your businesses, but also for our members who rely on our group to provide up to date information and education about these boxes of oils that just arrived in their homes.

My #1 goal for 2016 is to create a family environment for our Oily enJoyMint members and builders. I want to help everyone, myself included, learn more about oils, to dive into them and really understand how they can help us and help our families. I also want to help the builders, you guys, build a solid foundation for your own teams so that you are setting yourself up for lots of success in the Young Living business.

So, be watching our groups for great things to come! I know it will take time, and I know that I will have to be consistent to show you these changes and build upon these changes; but I also know that we have an amazing team of builders and we have an even more amazing group of members (that includes all of us) who are on this journey together and will walk this path together.

Every day I'm Hustling....

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Introducing the Hustle Award

When you ask people to define leadership, you get several answers, but for me, leadership means inspiring others to take action. I also believe that you can't inspire people to do things that you yourself haven't done or are not willing to do; as a leader you must lead by example. That being said, I'm so excited to introduce the Hustle Award: Having Unbelievable Success Through Leading by Example! Each month I'm going to be giving away this award to one of the builders on our team who have been a great leader, team player, and motivator. I'm also going to be posting a Google Doc Form that you can fill out each month if you want to nominate a leader in our group, whether that is your leader, a cross-line leader, or a leader on your team!

At the end of each quarter, I'm going to draw a winner from the three Hustle Award winners that quarter to receive a little gift for being a great leader! I'll also be doing a drawing at the end of the year with everyone who won the award during the year for a special gift.

This is meant to be something fun and a way to highlight and encourage all of us to be great leaders for our teams. I can't wait to see who will be the first recipient of the Hustle Award!

What else is ahead?

A note from Young Living on Silver in Six and reaching new ranks!

I know most of us are not quite ready to be thinking about Silver, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of the upcoming changes to the rewards for hitting ranks beginning at the Executive level, including the end of the Silver in Six program and the Aroma Complete reward that comes with it.

From Young Living...

Just when you thought the year was winding down, we are announcing one of the most exciting initiatives in Young Living history!

Soon we’ll be rolling out Elite Express, the expansion of our Silver in 6 (Si6) incentive program! This expansion is designed to reward the hard work and achievements of members who reach Executive, Silver, Gold, and Platinum ranks. As of March 1, 2016, Elite Express will replace Si6 as our rank incentive program, and members will receive exclusive rewards for attaining each of these ranks within a qualifying time period.

As part of this initiative, the reward of an Aroma Complete kit for Si6 achievers will also be changing. However, members who achieve Executive rank for the first time on or before February 29, 2016, will be grandfathered in to the existing Si6 program and receive the Aroma Complete reward based on current Si6 qualifications. Additionally, these members will be perfectly positioned to take advantage of the new program in its entirety.

Details about the requirements and rank rewards for Elite Express will be released soon, but there’s no reason to wait! If you haven’t yet achieved Executive rank, now is the perfect time to start pushing yourself to make it happen. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting initiative that will reward even more members for their hard work!

A few promos for the month!

Secret Santa!!!

Just a reminder, if you chose to participate in our Secret Santa this past Christmas, please make sure you have sent your recipient their secret gift!!! There is a post in the Oily enJoyMint group page to share when you have received your gift from your Secret Santa!!
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Let's Rock 2016!

I'd love to know what your goals are for this month, quarter, and year! Make them BIG! They should scare you at least a little bit, but know that you can conquer all that you set out to accomplish and I would love to be there to help you along the way!

Don't forget about this fun rank up incentive from me!* I have been tracking individual OGVs since November 2015, to track when people qualify!! We have a couple people who are close to earning their bracelet!
*Available to all builders within my first three levels.
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Learn together, Grow together, Succeed together!