Wilson's Weekly

February 12-16, 2018


Monday, we will compare two number lines and find which fractions are equivalent. Tuesday & Wednesday, we'll compare pictures of fractions and fraction number lines to see which is greater or which is less. Thursday, the students will learn how to write a fraction that represents part of a set.


Monday & Tuesday, we will read a fiction passage, answer questions using the text, summarize the important details, identify the main idea, and provide supporting details. Thursday, we will discuss the meaning of some new prefixes & suffixes.

Writing & Spelling

This week, the students and I will finish outlining our practice persuasive writing piece. We will be providing our 3rd reason along with examples that support it and end with a strong conclusion. Finally, we will turn our outline into a letter.

Our Spelling words this week contain "r" controlled vowels. Our lessons will focus on the sounds these "r" controlled vowels make along with categorizing words.

Social Studies

Monday, the students will learn about the Oregon Trail and how this influenced westward expansion. Tuesday, we will see what the Missouri Compromise entailed when Missouri applied for statehood. Thursday, the students will be introduced to their final project which will show what they have learned throughout our Missouri History unit.

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, Feb. 13 - Art Club 4:10p.m.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 14 - Valentine activity with 1st grade buddies 12:45-1:15p.m.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day Party 3:15-3:45p.m.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 14 - Garden Club (green) 4:10p.m.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 14 - Mad Science 4:15p.m.
  • Thursday, Feb. 15 - Lego Club 8:00a.m.
  • Friday, Feb. 16 - Teacher Professional Development (NO SCHOOL)
  • Monday, Feb. 19 - President's Day (NO SCHOOL)