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Plant Timelapse

Plants! Party Invites! Poetry!

This week was a busy week both in and out of school as students wrapped up their State Reports! Now they get to share all that they learned this week through presentations. The finalized schedule is listed separately in today's email. Thank you all for your continued patience and follow through at home. Most students were able to get a large portion or entire Keynote presentation completed in class this week as well. One highlight from this week was our class planting beans and watching the process of Photosynthesis in action. Click out the link above of our time-lapse that was taken today ( in just a three hour block) that shows the growth of our plants!

Coming Attractions:

May 24th Day at the Park & Technology party

May 25th and 26th State Presentations @ 2:10-3:30pm.

May 27th 5th Grade Talent Show @ 2:15-3:40

May 30th No School-Happy Memorial Day

May 31st Field Day

June 1st Class Party, awards and clean-up

June 2nd 5th Grade Graduation @10:00am

Reading & Writing

By Sanjay Thornton

In Writing we turned in our compare and contrast essays that were our in-class writing project and we also finished up our state reports. We used a website called to help cite our sources. We are using our reading blocks to recite and learn about poetry such as limericks, free verse, cinquains and shape poems. We also learned about and reviewed different figurative language used in poetry like hyperbole and onomatopoeia. Mrs. L shared some fun videos of how these are shown in music and movies. We also played a game where we were given a topic and had to come up with as many examples of hyperbole related to that topic in one minute. The topics were "school", "time" and "food". One of our favorites was "I have so much homework, I feel like I am drowning in it!" We spent some time just writing our poems over this week and will finish them up next week.


By Sayge Felker

This week we did many activities centered around plant science and photosysnthesis. We watched a video that showed us an experiment with an Elodea plant that proved that carbon dioxide was used by plants. Earlier in the week we talked about leaf structures and the differences between Monocot and Dicot plants. One activity that helped bring all the parts of plants together was we got to create our own plant by choosing either a dicot or monocot. Then we had to choose a root system, type of stem, leaf and if it was to produce fruit/flower. We then used construction paper to illustrate all the parts and label them. Then we explained in a pages document why we chose the stem, root and leaf systems that we did in our plant, how they supported the plant and airdropped it to Mrs. L. We also got to name our "newly" discovered plant. We watched our bean plants carefully as a time lapse when many of them started to sprout. We are so excited! Our plant quiz is next Wednesday on the structure of plants and Photosynthesis, which will be and end to 5th grade science!


Students are wrapping up their units on mixed numbers and fractions. This week and next they will be taking their 5th grade exit exams in preparation for 6th grade placement.
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Students have their final FIERCE project due this Monday in class. Ms. Johnson will then wrap up the year with a review of all the FIERCE qualities we have covered and how they can carry these to 6th grade.

In Spanish, students received back their test on time and are finishing up on a final project centered around all the vocabulary they have learned for this year.

Students received an invitation to a Harry Potter celebration next Thursday during their final Library block. As part of this our Muggle Librarian, Ms. Kinney sent an invite via owl to our class. In return a few students in our class helped to RSVP to the invitation. Check out the video below!

* Please note that all library books were due by today. Students that still have outstanding library books after today will receive emails and will need to either return them or pay a replacement fee.

Harry Potter Party RSVP