Your children are amazing!


I want to celebrate with you how incredible your children were during our presentation this morning. They absolutely impressed the middle schoolers and all the other adults in the room. Many of the middle school teachers went out of their way to pay me compliments on how well prepared and spoken the students were. My aunt, who owns Lyziwraps, came to see our presentation was also blown out of the water. After the presentation she emailed other schools she is doing this fundraising with singing DGS's praise. I can only thank all of your for having awesome children who were so willing to stand in front of older students and present meaningful things! It was truly a wonderful start to the day.


Many of you have said that it is OK for your student to sell Lyziwraps on the weekends or after school. Thank you! I sent home the selling sheet with your students, please have whomever you sell to fill it out and have your student bring the sheet and the money to school on Monday!