GBP’s Great Book Pick Award

The GBP Award

At GBP, we love a good book!! Books can evoke emotion, take you on journeys of the imagination and provide a wealth of knowledge! Through art, math and science activities related to some of our favorite titles, we’ve invited our Sunbeams to jump inside the pages and hang out awhile. What better way to encourage early literacy than giving our Sunbeams a voice and connection to the content?! During the month of February, I will read 4 books live on our Facebook Page. At the end of the month via Facebook poll, our Sunbeams, friends and families can vote for the Great Book Pick (GBP) winner!

The actual award for such a title can only be created by a Sunbeam! To that end, we will invite our Sunbeams to enter their artwork for the award. Award artwork will be created at GBP. Read aloud dates: February 17, 19, 21, 24th (times to be determined).