Frankenstein Final Assessment By: Jake Lauer

Responsibility in modern life, compared to in the book of Frankenstein.

Responsibility is something that you need to have as you get older. As you grow more responsibilities are put onto you, like being responsible for your work, family, bills, making money, home care, vehicle, and your own well being. It all applies in the book as well, Victor creates "the creature" and he should take responsibility for what he created. Just like a mother would take care of her child Victor should take care of his, and by him not doing that "the creature" does not grow up right in a sense.

Victors Responsibilities

Victor feels responsible for the deaths of his family members "I listened to this discourse with the extremest agony. I, not in deed, but in effect was the true murderer."( Shelley 77). Victor does not take the problem into his own hands though, he continues to run from "the creature" "I rushed out of the room and continued a long time traversing in my bedchamber."(Shelley 44). Victor needs to learn how to be responsible like we do as humans in the real world. Victor towards the end does seem to take some responsibility for what he created saying "Frankenstein, feeling responsible for Elizabeth's death as well as his father's, vowed vengeance. The only way to absolve his responsibility for the monster's actions was to kill him, so that's what Frankenstein set out to do. He was responsible for the monster's creation and its actions, and he planned to be responsible for the monster's destruction as well." (Shelley 19-24)

Modern Connection (To Victor)

In the modern world taking responsibility for your own actions is very important. "You must take personal responsibility. you cannot change the circumstances, the seasons. or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of." (Jim Rohn) in life you cant change a lot of things but the things you can change you should, By taking control of situations and owning up to things you become a credible person, with jobs, friends, family, and just to people as a whole. it makes you a better person.

"worked nearly two years for the sole purpose of infusing life into an inanimate body" (Shelly 72). Only to abandon his responsibility.

"The Creature's" responsibilties

"You are in the wrong," replied the fiend, and instead of threatening, I am content with reason with you."( Shelley p.17). "The creature" was created by Victor yes, and "the creature" may have been neglected by Victor as well, but that doesn't give him the right to kill/hurt people. A big thing in responsibility is taking control of yourself and being responsible for your own actions. Just because that happened to "the creature" it doesn't mean you do what you want, "the creature" still made those choices and did what he did. That is on him not on victor.

modern connection ("The Creature")

In the modern world, blaming people for what you did is not okay to do. You can hear stories of criminals or people who commit terrible actions, say things like I was abused as a child, or I was bullied in school, or something else that happened to them throughout their life. While yes those are awful things to have happen to a person, but it doesn't make what they did okay. It was their choice to do what that person did, they had the choice to fix themselves, get help, or act out and do bad things. You cannot blame your actions on other people or things. Responsibility is taking ownership of things you do in life and excepting the correct consequences.

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