Springman Bands

Weekly Update #11


Congratulations on a FANTASTIC concert, band students!

I'm amazed at how much you learned since August and how well our ensembles played together. It's such a pleasure to be a part of such an amazing and hard working program! Congratulations again!

That being said...onto new music and experiences!


Monday, November 16th

- 7th grade band will rehearse at 7:30 AM

- 7th graders have lessons AND CHROMATIC PLAYING ASSESSMENT TODAY!!!

Tuesday, November 17th

- 8th grade band will rehearse at 7:30 AM

- 7th graders have lessons and CHROMATIC PLAYING ASSESSMENT TODAY!!!

Wednesday, November 18th

- 7th grade band will rehearse at 7:30 AM

-**CHANGE** 8th graders have lessons and PLAYING ASSESSMENT TODAY

- Jazz Band will rehearse from 3-4 PM

Thursday, November 19th

- 6th grade band will rehearse at 7:30 AM

- 6th graders have lessons today

Friday, November 20th

- Wildcat Symphony will rehearse at 7:30 AM!

- Wear your Symphony shirt for Symphony Spirit Day!

- **CHANGE** Wednesday 6th graders have lessons today!

Cam buzzing away on his new mouthpiece!

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Nathan has a NEW MOUTHPIECE, too!

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Now it's YOUR turn to upgrade!!!!

You can find the Springman Recommended Equipment list by clicking HERE.

Please note that the items marked with asterisks (***) are strongly encouraged. These items will make an enormous difference in the students' sound and their performance in an ensemble. Furthermore, this equipment can be used through high school and, often, beyond high school! The more students that "step-up" even ONE piece of equipment will help our ensembles to sound amazing!

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Jazz Band Corner

Next up for Jazz Band this week is our HOLIDAY NAVY PIER MUSIC! Please make sure you attend rehearsal as we get to work on some jazzy holiday tunes!

Information regarding Navy Pier will be forthcoming...stay tuned!

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Solo and Ensemble Registration!

The Glenview Education Foundation (GEF) Recital Night and Northern Illinois Music Conference (NIMCon) Solo and Ensemble events are RIGHT around the corner!


Solo = a piece of music performed by a single person with an accompanist

Ensemble = a piece of music performed in a small group (anywhere from 2 to 15 people!)

Students are welcome to create their own ensembles and I am happy to help with choosing music. Students who would like to perform a solo are STRONGLY encourage to work with a private teacher - see below for info!


Students will perform for a professional clinician and receive feedback/score. Along with the feedback, students will have the opportunity earn medals for their hard work!


Students that choose to participate in GEF Recital Night will receive 10 points extra credit and an additional 10 points extra credit for participating in the NIMCon Solo and Ensemble - that's a total of 20 EXTRA CREDIT POINTS!

Registration for both events is due by MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd!

You can find the GEF Recital registration form HERE

You can find the NIMCon Solo and Ensemble registration form HERE

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Private Teachers!

Do you LOVE playing your instrument? Do you want an additional challenge and some one-on-one time with a professional?

If so, think about taking private lessons! You'll have the tremendous opportunity to continue to advance and improve your skills!

You can find the recommended Glenview Private Lesson Teacher list by clicking HERE!

Playing a brass instrument = saving your life???