Gettin' pumped to teach

  • Tweet out 3 ideas, takeaways, resources, etc. related to GRIT or Growth mindset.
  • Be ready to chat about them
Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit

Google yourself

  • What did you find?
  • Anything professional?
  • Anything the same from last time?
  • Chat with someone around you - thoughts/reflections?
  • How can you continue to grow your positive, professional digital presence?
  • Add your published link to your digital portfolio to your Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn account.

Thank you notes

Send a thank you email to your virtual co-op.

#hourofcode video game

If you created a video game please send Dr. Fecich the link to it via email we will play it in class and vote for the best one.

Video awards

  • Best musical score
  • Best use of images
  • Best overall video

Reflections - chat with someone who you have not talked to today

Danielson trivia

Think you know Danielson? Try out trivia.

How can you keep up with edtech after this class?

  • Keep tabs on our Pinterest board
  • #educ204toi
  • Attend Teacher Tech Thursday
  • Ed camp GCC

Join educ204 alum remind to group to get messages about upcoming conferences, proposals, presentation opportunities, etc.

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Keep in touch

Stop by HAL 107 g - I am always there to help you.