Common Personal Narritive Author

By Ariel Castro


John Gallishaw was born in 1890 in St. Johns, Canada. He went to Harford University until the first world war, he was drafted in 1914, he was in the Canadian army. He was only 23 at the time. He soon went home to his family when he asked to be discharged in 1915 but was denied and dispatched to London. After that he returned to Harford. In 1917 he join the American army. He was sent to France, he later became an author and teacher, he published 5 books.

Connection to present day

In school we write personal narratives where we explain things that we have done and the writer John Gallishaw wrote three books explaining what he has done In his lifetime.


"John was probably the only New Founder who served in three armies in world war 1" he served in Canadian, British, and American armies.

Five Fun Facts

He died in 1968

He was born in 1890

Worked in aircraft defense

He went to Harford

He entered the National Army


John was a collage student at Harford he went on and joined the army. He was wounded while fighting with the American expeditionary force in france, he was a fighter and still went on to teach and write books.


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