Introduction to Flipped Learning

An Interactive, Online Learning Experience

Teachers across the globe are making time for more meaningful, deep learning by flipping their classrooms.

In this interactive, online learning experience, you will:

-Explore the best practices of flipping in various subject areas and grade levels.

-Design a learning plan based on the flipped model.

This 21st Century professional development opportunity consists of three modules:
-a self-paced exploration of flipping;

-a learner-centered, active Webinar;

-and a follow-up application of the learning.

Participants will need a Webcam (or at least a microphone) to benefit from the Webinar.

Driving Question:

How can we, as educators,
design and implement
high-H.E.A.T. ,
learning experiences?


Module 1

Self-Paced Learning Activities

Complete prior to Thursday's Webinar!

  1. View the videos below.
  2. Go to THIS PADLET wall, and follow the instructions to respond to the videos .

  3. Think of a lesson or professional development activity that you might be able to flip.

"Flipping", TechSmith's e-learning trainers series part 5
Why I Flipped My Classroom
The Flipped Classroom as a Vehicle to the Future


Module 2


Thursday, February 20th, 4:30 - 6:30


Module 3


1. Put Your Plan into Practice -

  • -Create or find a flipped video.
  • -Use the video for a lesson or pd event.
  • -Use the time allowed by the previewed video to facilitate a high-H.E.A.T lesson!

2. Post a Reflection of your Flipped Lesson.

on this Padlet Wall: