about Helmuth Hubener

Helmuth Hubener

Helmuth was seventeen years old he had a foreigh radio that he can hear everything that was happening. They said that he was nuts having a radio.he said that you can be exicuted if you had one so they had to hide it. so they were going to make flires and put them everywhere so everybody can hear it. they arreste Helmuth ingestapo they hit him because they wanted to know who helped him.tThey took him to berlin and he blamed the fault on him and saved his friends lives, on october 27 1942 he was beheded at Berlin plotzensee Bildarchiv.His mom found that he died on her birthday on the newspaper.next his moms parents died ina boming attack in hamuurg.Today all there names are in honor.

kari Schribbe

kari helped Helmuth making the flires writ it and put them everywhere.Them police were looking for the people who put that there. kaei was not killed put put in prison.He lived for a while had a wife and kids had a job than died.Helmuth invited us to his house to see the forigh radio h. rudi didnt like that because you can be beheaded if you had a radio.

rudi robbe

Rudi was 15 years old he also helped Helmuth spread the truth. than he went to prison stayed alive had wife and kids job lived a good life.