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All Gifted Learners Are Motivated, Self-Directed Learners

3 Big Ideas I Learned

1. Parents, not just teachers, can be a valuable positive influence on a learner's motivation.

2. It is important for learners to see their own actions as capabilities for developing their skills. They should not just believe that their abilities are innate and cannot be changed, but instead can be influenced with the practice and development of their giftedness.

3. It is important for parents to limit sharp remarks and complaints about their work lives, because learners internalize these when we think they don't notice. Learners can easily become discouraged when they constantly hear things from their parents that make it seem like putting forth effort as an adult is not worth it. The learner may feel the same about school, and begin to have a negative attitude like their parent does.

2 Questions I Still Have

1. How can a teacher motivate a learner who is not receiving motivation from home?

2. How can parents and teachers team up to motivate a gifted learner?

1 Action I Can Take Immediately

1. I can make sure that my learners know that they can develop their skills by applying them. I want my learners to know that they can always improve upon something and they will always have the support and resources from me to tackle any challenging event.