Edition #15

Happy December Top Chef Families!

Monday- Today we had P.E.
Tuesday- Today we had Book Buddies, Music, and P.E.
Wednesday- Today we had Buddy P.E. and Art
Thursday- Today we had Guidance, Library, and P.E.
Friday- Today we had P.E. and the Wonder Lounge.

In Literacy groups we have been busy focusing on word study, reading books and talking about what were reading with partners. Text copies and sight word practice is continuing nightly and weekly :).

In Math we are finishing up our measurement unit, and moving on to maps and globes. We have also continued reviewing counting by fives, tens, and adding /comparing numbers.

In Science we are talking about our 5 senses. We graphed our eye colors, we all got a chance to visit the "smell station". We then graphed what smells were nice smells and the ones we did not care for. Students also used their sense of hearing by shaking plastic eggs filled with various objects and making predictions on what they heard rattling inside. We also tasted marshmallows with our 5th grade book buddies and talked about what we noticed using our sense of taste :).

In Social Studies we have been talking about Holidays that people celebrate all around the world. We will discuss Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and The Legend of the Poinsetttia (flor de Navidad).

Top Chefs did a wonderful job earning 10 stars!! We are planning a fun/special activity before we leave for our Winter Vacation. More Information to follow soon :)

Important Dates...

December 1- PTO Meeting.
December 2 - P.E. Buddy Day with Third Grade Friends.
December 4 - Eagle Time Winter Registration Deadline.
December 11 - PTO Family Movie Night 6:00 - 8:30.

Have a Cozy Weekend!

Mara Kuznar
(434) 823-4800