project by: aj charles

basic information

hemophilia is a genetic disorder where if you were to get cut you would be bleeding and bleeding.males can have a disease like hemophilia if they inherit an X chromosomes that has a mutation in ether chromosome.


the characteristics are like swollen joints,swollen tender muscles,excessive bruising.

also excessive bleeding in mouth,tongue,and gums. the daily life of a human with hemophilia blood clot doesn't function properly. the life expectancy is around 25 to 30 years.


some of these mutations change single DNA building blocks.the affected chromosomes is the X chromosomes, f8 and f9.


the possible treatments are replace therapy in plant the vains.

the gene theropy were they correct all the faulty gens.

the name of the genes are f8,f9 , there are no cure yet.

other facts

  • this is a very rare disease
  • it is inherited by blood disorder
  • it is carried on by the mother only manifest them selves in a male offspring
  • comes from the greek words of blood and love