Eat Meat!

Why You Should

It's Biblical

In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. We have heard this story time and time again. God created the sun and moon. God created the birds of the air, fish of the sea and animals that crawl the earth. He made it, it was good.

He made man. Man was good. Man was formed of the dust by God Himself. God created man in His own Image. God says that Man is able to eat anything in the Garden of Eden EXCEPT the tree in the middle. God gives man dominion over the entire earth. God Himself hands Adam and Eve the ability to eat meat.

The Jews who were alive after the death and resurrection of Christ still held on to their beliefs about what is clean and unclean, consumable and unconsumable. Pure and unpure.

Peter, the diciple who cut off an ear of one of the guards who arrested Jesus in the other garden-the one at Gathsemane, was told by God that the old laws followed by the Jews for millenniums should be dropped like they were hot. When Christ died, He also fufilled all of the laws laid out in the OT. Christs' resurrection shattered all doubt that the OT laws demanded.

Eat meat. If God created it pure, it is pure, it shall forever be pure. Man is to take care of the earth. How can he do that on an empty belly?

It's Good For You

In order to look at this in the proper manner, we must first look at this in the improper manner.

Vegetarians, AKA carnivores, eat everything except meat. In order to best show you the benefits of eating meat, we will look at it through the opposite lens of the diet of a vegetarian.

Meat, something not eaten by 99 out of 10 vegetarians, is the only substance known to man that is consumable by man that contains all twelve of the essential "B" vitamins that make up the group of vitamins called "B12."

Vegetarians, who lack the complete vitamins of B12, need to compensate for this deficiency by eating combinations of foods that contain parts of the B12 vitamin. They must take every precaution to consume all of the twelve vitamins. They must have the knowledge that tells them which foods have which vitamins.

Meat eaters however, combine but one food in order to get the essential vitamins. They eat meat.

It Tastes Good

Evolutionists and Creationists agree on something! The human race is not only permitted to eat meat, but are supposed to eat meat.

When conducting research on meat eating throughout the ages, one can hardly find a date when a modern food connoisseur first decided to grill a burger or cook a steak or even kill a cow. The first biblical record of meat eating is in Genesis 9 when God ordains (puts into an order) for man to eat meat. Evolutionists say that the human is designed (either by God or by survival of the fittest) to eat meat. The shape of teeth in the human's mouth are similar in shape to those of natural carnivores. Also, the digestive tract of humans allow for people to digest tough foods such as meat.

God created man. God created animals. God put man in charge of animals.

Another reason to eat meat, It tastes good.