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Midterm Exam and Module 9 Opens!

INFORM: Module 9 & 10 Due Dates

During this semester, we will combine some modules' testing and assessments.

Modules 9 & 10 will be tested together after you have completed the assignments for BOTH modules.

· Module 9 will open on January 16th.

· Module 10 will open on January 27th.

  • The test and research essay for these Modules will be the week of February 10th.

INSTRUCT: Module 9 & 10 Forums

I hope you are ready to discuss! There are four discussion Forums in Module 9 and two in Module 10.

  • Please remember that you are graded both on your original post in Forums AND on your response to your classmates' posts.
  • Do not skimp on your answers - if there is a minimum word requirement, feel free to add MORE!
  • Do not put work off until the last minute - completing assignments early is OK, too.

CELEBRATE: Fresh Beginnings

Remember that your midterm exam will only count as a single test grade - the first grade that you will earn for the 3rd grading period.

Please take time to prepare for this test.

  • It will cover Modules 1 - 8.
  • It is completely Multiple Choice
  • There will be 75 questions

Test corrections will be required of all students who score an 85% or below. The corrections will be due by Friday, January 18th.