Should Young Athletes play Football

Should young athletes be able to play football? No, young athletes should not be able to play football. Football causes concussions and concussions can lead to worse things. Imagine having the best young athlete in football suffer from repeated concussions and die!
With concussions in mind, the Orlando Orthopedic Center says "More than 248,000 children visited the hospital emergency departments in 2009 for concussions and other traumatic brain injuries." If more and more kids continue to get into multiple football games that number can rise. In Scope: Jennifer Shotz it says “Football players of all ages suffered permanent brain damage from repeated brain concussions.” Imagine in 2009 248,000 children getting permanent brain damage.
In total, young athletes should not be able to play football. The risks outweigh the good. If a player gets a concussion, which could be often, he must be taken out immediately and should not be put back in.