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Updated - Tuesday, March 24, 2020

We are wrapping up Day 7 of our Extended Online Learning and we are still so very proud of all the hard work of our students AND our families! We know the "learning curve" has been quite steep for everyone but we are so very proud of all the great work you are doing.

Students - you are showing the Comet Way, everyday, by being Responsible, Respectful and Having Integrity as you are logging into your class meetings, participating in appropriate online dialogue, and getting your work done without even being asked. I hear so many of you are really "getting in the groove" of online learning.

Parents - we understand this is all new territory for you and we have been so impressed with how you have all jumped in with both feet! Thanks for allowing us to support you in this stressful time and please reach out if you need anything!

A few recommendations to make online learning work better for you:

  1. Each day, start out with a sticky note and list out the assignments you need to get done that day.
  2. Once you get a few things done independently, check in with your parents or guardians to get them to check off the tasks you have completed. Consider setting up specific "check-in" times with your parents.
  3. Work with your parents to create a schedule for the day where you have work times, break times, snack times, movement or brain break times, independent reading time, lunch, and family connect times.
  4. Don't forget to add class meetings and reading conference times to your schedule!
  5. Make sure you create a specific work space in your house where you put your supplies (paper, pencils, coloring utensils, highlighters, books, etc.). Keep all distractions (gaming systems, toys, etc.) out of the work space and save those things for your specific break, movement or family connect times.

Remember that our expectations are that you are:

  1. participating in class meetings via Google Meets (or whatever other platform your teacher uses),
  2. signing up for one-on-one conferences with your teachers,
  3. completing all assignments and assessments, and
  4. turning in all the work that is assigned.

All this work goes towards your Q4 report card, so keeping up is not optional!!

Class Placement Info for 2020-21

Hard to believe that it's already the time of year when we gather information to place students in classrooms for next school year. We solicit a great deal of input from many different sources to assist us in this comprehensive process, including information from current homeroom teachers, speech and special ed teachers, and support teachers and counselors. In addition to that, we would love your input on the type of teacher/environment that would best suit each of your child's needs. Please click the link below for each student in your household that will be in grades 1-5 at Silver City for the 2020-21 school year.

Silver City Class Placement Request 20-21

Thank you for filling this out by Friday, April 3rd , so that we can begin working on class placements after Spring Break. Specific teacher requests or non-requests will not be accepted in any form.

If you have a rising Kindergarten student , we will gather information from you on them during our upcoming screenings on May 12. If you have an upcoming kindergarten student please sign up for a screening appointment using this Sign-up Genius.

Thank you for your input as we use it faithfully to help with class placement decisions.


UPDATED...Need a Chromebook? If you still are in need of a chromebook or hot spot, please reach out to your child's homeroom teacher and let them know. You can pick-up a chromebook (1 per family) any work day between 8:00-11:30am. We will also be available on Tuesday evenings from 5:00-7:00pm if you can't get here in the morning.

Family Meal Options...There are expanded student and family meal options while school is closed - drive-thru, delivery and mobile pantry (3/19-4/3/20) - Click here for more information

Resources from SCES Counselors - Check out the following resources from our Counselors:

  • For K-2, you can reach out to Ms. Peacock through itsLearning or check in on her Counseling Corner on Google.
  • For Gr 3-5, you can reach out to Ms. Hamilton through your Counseling Course in itsLearning for specific supports or to connect with her directly.

Important Info on Grades:

  • Q3 grades have been posted and can be found on Parent Portal. No report cards will be printed for this quarter. All new assignments will go towards Q4 grades.

Check out these Community Resources...Whether you are able to serve or if you are in need, check out The Place of Forsyth County. They offer a wealth of resources to families in our county.

Coronavirus Resources for Parents - FCS Schools has put together a list of resources for you as a parent, so check them out here.

As always, use our district website as a resource to keep up with what is going on with Forsyth County Schools.


Comcast and Spectrum are both offering 60 days of free internet to people without their services. Cox is offering a free month to new Connect2Compete customers. Check out the embedded links to learn more...