Amboy Middle School

November 2021

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The Amboy/Yacolt Giving Tree is a local tradition that showcases the generosity of our community by helping our families have a special holiday. If you are experiencing financial hardship and could use some support this holiday season, please reach out to us at one of the numbers below. We will ask for gift ideas for all family members, including adults. All names will be kept confidential, and only numbers will be used to identify the families. We need this information by November 19.

If you would like to donate, stop by Amboy or Yacolt school to select an ornament with gift ideas for a family in need. Ornaments will be available starting November 19. We request that all gifts purchased are returned to Amboy Middle School by December 10th. All gifts/food can be picked up at Yacolt Primary on December 18th. Thanks for your help. YOU ALL ROCK!!!

  • Amboy Office - 360-885-6050
  • Lori Homola - 360-921-6102
  • Stephanie Massie - 360-980-0784



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The school year is already a quarter of the way over! It was wonderful to meet with each of you during Fall Conferences.

Students are learning about ratios and ratio language, society in ancient Egypt, how to cite textual evidence, and setting specific goals.

Keep your eyes open for grade reports. Student awareness of current classroom standing is important for every student to achieve his or her best. The final Friday of each month, there will be a study hall for students to get additional help on any missing assignments or redo assignments. For students that do not have any work to complete, there will be an alternate activity.

Please make sure that students have a reusable bottle at school. Because of current safety protocols, the water fountains in the building are turned off. It is important that students have a way to get a drink of water throughout the day if needed.

As we move into fall, help your student to remember to dress appropriately. Dressing in layers is usually a good idea because of the fluctuation in weather and temperature.

Encourage your student to read independently. Classes are working on the 40 book challenge throughout the school year. Evidence suggests that students that regularly read perform better academically.

Encourage students to work independently on i-Ready. The "My Path" program constructs lessons specifically suited to challenge and encourage academic growth for individual students. Most lessons and instruction take between 10-18 minutes. Encourage students to work toward growth in Reading and Math.



In the Advanced Class, we have just tested out of Unit 2. Currently, we are putting the finishing touches on a project that incorporates the concepts we have learned in the first two units. On November 1, we will begin Unit 3, Measuring Circles. In the Regular Math classes, the students will be finishing up and testing out of Unit 2 during the next two weeks.


We will be doing Chapter 3 which is about the impact of railroads and immigration on the Pacific Northwest.


During this month students will continue reading informational text in different subjects and topics, write responses, expand their knowledge of Greek and Latin vocabulary roots, and read literature books for the "Read a Book Challenge".


In Science we are starting Chapter 2 in the Chemistry book. We will be learning about states of matter, changes of state, and the gas laws. Homework is what students do not finish in class. Because all students work at a different pace, there will be homework for some students some of the time. Unless a student has been absent or not doing work in class they should never have more than 30 minutes, and likely it will just be 10-15 minutes per day. I email home progress reports every Friday - please email me if you have any questions.


Just finished parent conferences. We will be sending i-Ready data home with students to give to those who didn't have a conference. Please check with your child for that envelope. After their i-Ready diagnostics, the system will set up lessons in math and reading that are tailored to their instructional needs. We try to do one a week in school, but 2-3 lessons a week is best. If you can, encourage your child to do a couple of lessons in each subject at home.

Speaking of i-Ready, the next diagnostic test is in January. That test and possibly the one in the Spring will be a determining factor for placement in high school. Please encourage your child to always answer to their best ability. Scheduling for high school will be happening in February.

Concerns/Issues with 8th grade students:

  • Tardies to classes - We have been seeing quite a few tardies to their 1st period classes. The buses have been on time, so there's time for breakfast, but some students are spending more time talking to friends than getting to class. We have let the students know we will be counting them as tardy if they arrive past 7:50, since school starts at 7:45. When they reach 3 tardies, we will write a minor referral.
  • Disrespect to teachers when asked to follow directions/rules - We still have several students who wear their masks under their noses. In the hallways we have cones separating the hallways to keep students walking on the right side of the hallway (like a road) to keep students from forming tight groups or facing each other as per covid rules. When teachers ask them to go the correct route or wear their mask up over their noses, students will talk back and not follow directions/rules or later repeat the behavior again and again. We have had students/staff/buses affected with covid, so following the rules set up for this will keep them from getting it or spreading it to other students or family members. Please help in keeping us all safe.
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Amboy's Eagle's Nest SEL Center

New to all middle schools: Social Emotional Learning Centers (SEL Centers). Here at Amboy Middle School, our SEL Center is called "The Eagle's Nest".

SEL Centers are just one part of the district's ongoing effort to ensure all students have the tools and resources necessary to succeed, both in school and in life outside of the classroom. Our district has developed a restorative process that empowers understanding and working through conflicts with a tiered support system. These locations in our middle schools proactively support students by providing a space to teach and empower students to regulate emotions, learn coping strategies, practice alternative behaviors, and restore calm. SEL Centers go beyond traditional "quiet rooms". They are staffed with trained professionals who work to support the social-emotional and behavioral well-being of all. In the Eagle's Nest, students learn self-management skills and work collaboratively with staff to return as quickly as possible to the classroom environment.

The social emotional learning process has existed nationwide to some extent at high schools for years. We now have the opportunity to create these supports at our middle schools and improve, over time, what currently exists at our high schools. In the 2022-23 school year, we plan to add SEL Centers in our primary schools as well.

To learn more, visit the district website, select "Learning" and then click on "Social-Emotional" on the drop-down menu, or continue on by selecting "PBIS" from the next drop-down menu.

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Thank you to our amazing PTO and volunteers for the delicious soups they made for us during conference week! We are so fortunate to be part of such a supportive community.


After 40+ years as a member of the Amboy Middle School staff, Betty Melton has retired. She was a central part of our school, and she will be missed. We wish her all the best in her retirement!

Our new attendance clerk is Shelle Royle. Shelle has been with the district since 2007 and has held many roles at Amboy Middle School and Yacolt Primary. Next time you are in our office, stop by and introduce yourself. Welcome to the office, Shelle!


At Amboy Middle School, we like to recognize students and staff who have a positive impact on others. We would like to hear about those impacts from you, too! Use this form to "Shout Out" a student or staff member at our school.

Amboy Fall Bazaar

Saturday, Nov. 20th, 9am-3pm

40107 Northeast 221st Avenue

Amboy, WA

For more information, please contact Colleen Ayers at