SDG Goal 7

Providing Affordable, Clean, and Sustainable Energy

The Goal

Many people in the world are lacking the essential equipment needed to produce electricity. Which is resulting into many issues, such as hunger or climate change. So the SDG goal for the UN based on this issue is to “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all” (-Sustainable Development).

Human Geography

Smoke from polluting and inefficient cooking, heating, and lighting devices kills an average four million people per year and causes health diseases.

The population of North America is 528.7 million people and the population of the people that don’t have access to electricity is 1.3 billion people. So there is a huge difference.

While we live comfortably for the time being, many other people around the world are living in the dark, forced to use traditional ways to do daily activities

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Physical Geography

In places where the weather is almost unbearable such as Sub Saharan Africa where there is a lot of heat and humidity, the weather influences the need for electricity to cool the homes and help the people fight the hot temperature.

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More land is being used for the production of electricity such as windmill farms and hydro electric stations. Also, in order to use windmill’s we need an area where there are high winds with somewhat fast speeds, so some places may fit this criteria.

Some electricity production factories aren't even a renewable either. Fossil fuels are continuously being used, without any precaution about ow it will contribute to climate change.

As more GHG gases enters the earth, the gases get trapped in our atmosphere and create a thick layer that makes it difficult for anything to escape. Therefore, decreasing the oxygen level tremendously.


While the people continue to use more and more nonrenewable resources they are killing the earth, as well as the human population.