Ms. Rivera's Bulldog Times

September 8th-11th

Week 3!

Wow! We are already in week 3 of kindergarten! I hope everyone had the chance to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend. We are ready to get back to reading, writing, and learning!

Skills at a Glance

Writer's Workshop: Students have the opportunity to create a different piece of writing every day. Students are at various stages of writing and will work towards generating ideas this week. Some students are beginning to label their drawings, while others are beginning to write sentences! Please see the "various stages of writing" handout that was a part of your curriculum packet for further detail.

Reading: We will continue to learn about good reading habits and building our reading stamina. We are also learning about Concepts of Print (letters, words, spaces, etc…) We will introduce the “word work” center this week. This center focuses on word activities that help to reinforce sight word recognition as well as other “word” skills.

Jolly Phonics: h, r, m

Math: Counting and Cardinality

Science: Our class adopted a tree to observe every season this school year! Ask your child what our tree looks like in summer, they worked very hard on recording their observations. We will continue to learn about the seasons this week.

Social Studies: All About me, our kindergarten family, school rules

Sight Words

We will continue to work with last week's sight words: I, am, little

This week's words: the, is


Our library book check-out date is on Wednesday. Students may return their book before the check-out day. Just a reminder that students are not allowed to check-out a new book until the previous book is returned. Thank you!