December 4, 2015

Keeping the FOCUS

12.5 Days until the holiday break and it will take every ounce of energy to keep the gang focused and on task, don't you think? As we motivate through December we need to think about how we are keeping our students engaged and learning throughout the entire day. How can we keep learning authentic? What hands-on experiences can we provide? 5th grade math teachers rocked it with a real world math application restaurant activity. The students placed orders, calculated their bills, estimated, then added tax and tip all with a candle lit ambience! Now that's real world thinking! As you are collaborating and planning, step out of your comfort zones and work together to take your tasks to the next level to enhance engagement. Branch out into new territory; If you have always done it, maybe it's time to change it up? If the activity is boring to you, you can be sure your kids will think so too! Grade 3 does math rotations between classes and have branched out to use many paperless apps that have the kids totally focused. Grade 1 is working on Science centers and Math Congress in each room along with programming and coding Dash, the robot! This is what keeps the kids brains on fire and forgetting about the holiday countdown! Please invite Jill and I to your room to see the cool things that are going on. I was thrilled to have some kindergarteners from Mrs. Blake's room come and share their writing with me. How proud they were, and rightly so.

Don't forget to sign up for the holiday party! It will be a fun time and it's a great deal! No prep, no fuss, just holiday cheer! Get ready for the final 12 days of school. Jill and I along with help from the office staff, have a daily surprise to keep the jingle in your step (see poem below).

Have a wonderful weekend!

Keep smiling!


Beth :)

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December Calendar

December 4: Gr. 4 Field Trip to Sandler Center 9:30-1 “A Christmas Carol”

December 4: 60th Day of School- SCA Spirit Day - 60’s Dress up Day!

December 5: PTA Winter Session After School Program Registration opens online

December 7: Safety Audit, GOTR, 4th Gr. Chorus

December 7-14: Happy Hanukkah

December 8: 5th Gr. Chorus Rehearsal, Newspaper Club, PTA Board Meeting 6:30 p.m.

December 9: Holiday Music Program-“The JBD Express” 8:30 & 1:15 p.m. 6:30 p.m. (Revised time!)

December 10: Adjusted Dismissal 12:10 p.m. (Grade 1-5) AM K 8:10-10:10 PMK 10:10-12:10

December 14-18: Snowman Toy Drive

December 15: Progress Reports

December 15: Tropical Smoothie Spirit Night (Marina Shores)

December 15-17: PTA GULL Gift Shop – Daytime Event- Cash only! All items are $2.

December 16: SCA Mtg. (All); Art Club

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