16th and 17th centuries

Kaitlyn and Andrew

Discoveries and Accomplishments

- the microscope was invented in 1666

- this invention was able to let doctors see disease-causing organisms

- in this time Apothecaries led to the development of pharmacies

- the first vaccination for smallpox came along in 1796

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People of the 16th and 17th Centuries

- Edward Jenner invented the vaccination for smallpox

- he believed that this disease was coming from northeastern Africa

-Jan Swammerdam first observed red blood corpuscle in the late 1700's

Beliefs or Theories

- people believed that your religion would decide your health

- in this time period people wanted to know about how that body works, therefore they would focus more on bodily functions and less on religion

- studying on the body helped them discover:

how to treat and heal gunshot wounds, how the blood is pumped through the body, etc.

Health Care Workers

- Richard Wiseman was the first surgeon that performed an amputation surgery for gunshot wounds

- Surgeons were the most popular medical workers in this time period

- people like nurses and doctors were around just not as big as surgeons were

Health Care Trends

- water and soap- what doctors and nurses use before performing any type of procedure on any patient

- morphine was used to work on the central nervous system and to depress respiration

- the bubonic plague ( black plague) went across Europe in the mid 1600's