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APS Family Connection 9/23/2020

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful, cool weather!

We are so grateful for the generosity of our families. You have all stepped up to help make sure our students and families have what they need during the pandemic. Many of you have asked for more ideas to give. Our school wish list includes:

disinfectant wipes


masks (adult and child sizes)

school supplies (pencils, sharpeners, crayons, colored pencils, card stock, note cards)

treats and snacks for staff

letters, notes, artwork for hardworking staff

gently used or new books

If you would like to help families in Asheville City Schools, try the Purposity app. With Purposity you'll receive one weekly notification, allowing you to read the story of a neighbor in need and decide if you want to help, all from your phone in under a minute. To be a part of our Purposity movement, download the app in the App Store or Google Play, or go to and sign up to be a force for good in the Asheville and Buncombe County community.

We have such a wonderful and kind community. We appreciate all you have done to care for one another!

ACS Return to Learn Survey (open thru 9/30)

Please fill out this survey to give your family's voice on our district's plan for the second 9 weeks.

International Day of Peace

On Monday, September 21, the world celebrated peace. How do you create a peaceful environment for learning in your home?

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Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed. ~Maria Montessori

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It's In the Mail

Our staff are LOVING the letters and artwork that you are sending! Keep the love and gratitude coming!

This week we wanted to highlight our Grounds Crew. They mow, cut, mulch, and more to make sure our campus is beautiful. Please shower them with some mail to show your gratitude. Please send all your kind words and pictures to: Asheville Primary, Grounds Crew, 441 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806.

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The Comfort of Familiar Routines

There is comfort and safety in goodbye routines and knowing some things stay the same.


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Video On? Off?

We have gotten many questions about our policy for having the video on during a Google Meet. We know there are many other school systems that are requiring students to keep their cameras on in order to be considered present. Asheville City Schools does not have that policy. Our district understands that we are guests in your home via the computer. Each home has its own sounds and images. We know that you are juggling the care of other children, working from home, and more.

In a virtual classroom for early learners, it is important to see the child's face and to be able to see how they are using their hands for working with the materials. In a Montessori classroom in particular, our observation of the work of the child is paramount to planning for them instructionally.

In order to allow you to keep your privacy, keep other students from getting distracted by movement and noise, and still allow the teacher to see what the student is working on, we have developed flexible options to fit your needs. Please continue to communicate with your child's teacher to find a plan that works for your family.

  • Google Meet has recently included a new feature to blur the background.
  • All students have been taught to mute themselves when not actively answering or asking a question. They can do the same with their video.
  • If necessary, your child's teacher will schedule an individual Meet session to eliminate distraction or give your family privacy.

Every child has a situation that is unique. Our staff are working together to create flexible learning plans to meet each family's needs. Please call, text, or email with your teacher often.

Box Tops for Education

Please download the app, scan your receipts, and earn money for Asheville Primary School. It is very easy!