Save California's Precious Water!

We're slowly running out, do your part to save it

Where's our Water?

Water. You need it to survive. You need it not just for drinking, but for bathing, cooking, watering plants, and many other things. The problem is, so does everyone else, and were running out.

Water Distribution

But Earth is practically made of water! We can't be running out! Why not use the oceans?

In truth, that is not a bad idea. That is why we are already using it. Huge plants are extracting and filtering water from the ocean and using it for everything shy of cooking and drinking. Our immediately fresh water sources, like lakes and groundwater, are depleteing because we prefer to use it for the shower and toilet. This is completely unnecessary because you will probably never ingest toilet or bathwater, therefore, you can use recycled or filtered ocean water.
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What can YOU do to save the world?