Mrs. Carlson's Weekly Newsletter

A Peek Into Our Week

The Life of Mrs. Carlson

The big MSU vs. U of M game was the event of the weekend! We had a big cookout at my sister's house and watched the game! Emma and Molly sported Spartan Headbands...although they didn't stay on for long :)

GO GREEN!!!! :)

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Reminders and Annoucements

Scholastic book orders will be placed the last Friday of each month. Online ordering is the fastest and easiest way to place book orders. Our next book order will be placed Friday October 30th. Scroll below for a link to the online ordering.

Reading Log: Students should be logging 30 minutes of reading at least 4 days per week. After reading is complete students should fill out the reading log and have you initial. October reading log was sent home in Friday Folders.

*October Reading Log due Friday October 30th.

We have begun our Pizza Hut Book-It program! Students who log 30 minutes a day of reading and fill out their book log will earn a Book-It coupon. This coupon is good for a free personal cheese pizza!

Remind 101: Please be sure to register for Remind 101.

Don't Forget to sign up for parent teacher conferences! Scroll down for a link to the sign up genius.


  • Trunk or Treat October 23rd 6pm-9pm
  • 1/2 Day Friday October 30th, Halloween Parade

Odds and Ends

  • First Spelling Test is next Monday October 26th.
  • Library begins this week. Our normal scheduled time will be on Monday afternoons! :)

Late Start Dates:

October 21st

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • What is heat transfer? What are the different types of heat transfer? Can you give an example of Conduction, Convection and Radiation?
  • Did you book shop this week? What books are you currently reading in Reader's Workshop?
  • What do you think so far about Stone Fox? Even though the story is set in the past, can you make any connections to the main character Willy?
  • Have you previewed books for book clubs yet? If so, what were your top 3?
  • Did you check any books out of Mrs. Carlson's library this week? If not, try to find a book and bring it home this week!
  • What strategies for addition and subtraction do you use?

  • Did you bring home your Friday Folder?
  • Can you share your planner with me?

This Week

  • In Math we continued our Math Unit on Place Value.
  • Students learned different subtractions methods for subtracting larger numbers.
  • Students completed their 2nd Quick Quiz

Vocabulary to review:

  1. borrow
  2. subtract across zeros
  3. fact families
  4. inverse operations

  • In Reading students began learning about Willy, the main character in Stone Fox. We learned that this story is historical fiction and dug deeper to connect to a character that was from a long time ago.
  • Students previewed books and made selections of their top 3 based on their partnership. Partnerships are key to our reader's workshop this year! They allow students time to connect with other students about what they are reading, gaining different ideas and perspectives.

Next Week

READING: Unit 2- Character study

Students will...

  • make mental movies to make their characters come to life as they read

  • step inside the story and envision the main character’s world

  • connect to characters experiences to empathize with them

  • will meet with their partnerships and establish meeting sessions and goals

MATH: Unit1- Place Value

Students will...

  • review concepts taught in Unit 1 by completing a study guide for homework
  • Unit 1 test will be Thursday October 22nd

SCIENCE: Unit 2- Energy

Students will...

  • Dive further into electrical energy
  • Students will experiment with different circuits that showcase how electric energy works