Welcome to Emma's Open House!

Emma Kato 6th Grade Earth Science

Paragraph #1 - About the Earthquake PBL Porject

This project was about building a new house for Tony Stark. His home needed to be safe from earthquakes and in a earthquake safe area. My team's design had supporters and was made out of straws, yarn, and clay. I learned that a simple brick house will easily break in a earthquake. Also that your home would be better in a earthquake safe area.

Paragraph #2 - 30 Hands Project

In this project I learned how much damage we are doing to the world. We are causing animals to possibly become extinct and possibly ourselves. I enjoyed that we got to learn more about what's going and that we got to research so we learned more about it.

Paragraph #3 - Invention Convention

My model is a city so it solves multiple problems. The bird house can also be dog or cat houses for atray animals. It is powered by solar panels so it keeps them safe while preventing global warming. The trashcan creates fuel because when you throw your trash away the fire will burn it and create fuel. It makes sure waste disposal comes to use. The third invention is a wheel that has cups on it. The trash weighs it down, spinning it and creating electricity. The last invention is animal waste fuel. The waste is burned creating fuel.