Gong Bath Sound Journey Meditation

Relaxing and Blissful experience 14th December North London

Meditational Sound Journey - Gong Bath at Arts Depot North Finchley

Join us in North London (North Finchley) on 14th December and the 2nd Monday every month for a sound journey to experience a deep and blissful state enhanced by the power of the gongs.

Perfect for those of us with stressful lives.

A gong bath is a relaxing and blissful experience. The term "gong bath" means that you are bathed in sound waves, there are no clothes removed or water involved, you simply lie down on mats, wrap yourself in a blanket and your head on a pillow, close your eyes and relax. The gongs are played for an hour. The sounds that come out of the gongs are very unfathomable and very difficult for the human brain to follow, this results in surrender, and you will drift into a deep meditative state, this can happen once or many times throughout a session, everyone can have a different experience. Every session is different.

The gong bath is very good at relieving stress. It tends to bring people to a blissful state that can often last for many days.

What should I bring

Bring a Yoga or camping mat, blanket and cushion or pillow . A gong bath is best experienced when you are comfortable and warm.

Cost and How to Book


Gong will be played along with layers of sound from other instruments.

You will be warmly welcomed by Gong Master Odette Kurland who will lead you to a place of deep relaxation. Odette will be playing Gongs and other instruments to create layers of healing and relaxing sounds.

Gong Bath

Monday, Dec. 14th, 7:15-8:30pm

5 Nether Street

In the heart of North Finchley next to the Bus Depot. http://www.londongong.co.uk/event/