Third Grade Rocks

April 11th-15th Folsom ES

Need To Know


Outside Lunch - We enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather today by eating lunch outside! Weather permitting, our plan is to do the same on Monday and Tuesday. Kindergarten is practicing for their performance on Tuesday, so we are giving them their space and eating out side. It’s a win-win for everyone! J

Snacks Welcome to Spring, and with Spring comes ants. Please be mindful about appropriate snacks for the classroom. Snacks that are hard to open have a greater chance of falling on the floor. Please check backpacks for old snacks as well. Thank you for your help!!

Summer Sports Camps at PISD - Please use the attached link to find information about available summer sports camps.

Dates to Remember Next Week:

ThursdayPicture Day! – Individual and class pictures will be taken. Due to the photographer’s green screen technology, please DO NOT wear GREEN! It is also our regularly scheduled library day, so please return all library books.

Friday Math Test, Bike Rally, Safety & Obstacle Course during P.E. Also… Wear Prosper Spirit Wear!

Future Dates to Mark on Your Calendar:

April 18-22 – Student Appreciation Week

April 21 – Juvenile Diabetes Walk for a Cure

April 29 – Family Movie Night 7:00 pm Folsom Backyard

May 20 – Field Day! More information to come in May. We will have a schedule of the day closer to May 20th for those of you wanting to join our activities.


Next week we will continue our studies of data analysis. Last week, we learned what each type of graph is and how to create our own. This week, we will now apply this knowledge by solving one and two step problems involving analyzing graphs, making observations, and drawing conclusions. In 3rd grade, we focus on bar graphs, pictographs, dot plots (also called line plots), and frequency tables. We will wrap this unit up on Friday with a unit test.
Solving problems with bar graphs 2 | Measurement and data | Early Math | Khan Academy
Solving problems with pictographs 2 | 3th grade | Khan Academy
Reading bar graph examples | Measurement and data | Early Math | Khan Academy


This week will be a mix of reviewing various skills we've been working on this year. Skills that we will hit include cause and effect, theme, point of view, and author's purpose. The students are getting more and more confident in these skills as we use fiction and nonfiction text. To help them at home, identify theme while reading their free choice, just right books. Theme is different than a topic. Them is the lesson learned through the characters that can be applied to your life.

In writing, students will be using theme to help direct their story. We will continue to focus on complete sentence structure with SUBJECT and PREDICATES and expand that to include using COMPOUND SUBJECTS and PREDICATES.


Students will learn to identify and describe the flow of energy in a food chain beginning with the sun to producer to consumer and how a food chain is the path of food energy that comes from the sun and is passed on to organisms in an ecosystem.

Social Studies

Students will be focusing on how people interact differently with their enviroment depending on that environments characteristics. Such as the type of houses, where they get their food from, and other natural resources. This week we will specifically focus on life in desserts compared to wetlands.

Which one would you rather live in? How would you meet your needs?