Maybe it’s our phones fault to the slip of our grades.

By: Caroline Frerichs

Maybe it’s our phones fault to the slip of our grades.“In more than 2,000 applications submitted by young people this past summer, Babineaux encountered mountains of misspelling , punctuation, spacing, mountains of abbreviations that are found in text Messages but not in formal writing. The problem seems to be increasing in the age of texting, tweeting, and facebook. Teachers say the informal language of texting is showing up more and more in classes (Potenza). When you are on your phone all day you don't focus on your work and you inherit slang , to fix this I will set boundaries.

Teachers are finding more and more slang in our work. The effect of teens on media so much is, when it's time to write they have slang everywhere! I am on my phone from right when schools out from until I go to sleep, so then I start to pick up the shortcuts, slang, and abbreviations. I am on my phone so much, when I put it aside to do my work I just end up picking it back up which leads me to blowing off my schoolwork until later. “ Teachers say the informal language of texting is showing up more and more in class. IM-ing language… has become part of what (students) think is the standard vocabulary (Potenza). I have caught myself numerous of times using the texting language and had to correct myself over and over. I also have been so distracted by my phone that I end up blowing off my schoolwork and the having to do it in the morning so I don't get a bad grade. Phones are distracting use more and more as technology is getting bigger.

To create some boundaries with schoolwork and how long is on my phone. If I took breaks so i don't get overtired would help. To put my phone in a different room would not make me want to stare at my phone knowing that people are texting. Lastly, having a limit to how much i'm on my phone a day would probably decrease the writing mistakes. I think trying these solutions would help me a ton! To not have to worry if i'm making texting language mistakes would save me a lot of time working on my other work.

To set boundaries for yourself on your phone will help you focus on your schoolwork more and lose some of your bad writing habits. “Texting and tweeting are getting us in trouble when we have to write in the real world (Potenza).


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