Don't Stalk People

online or irl


Stalking is creepy. Not only that, but it is against the law. Stalking laws have had to adapt to our evolving culture. Now that there are many online communication networks, there is a need for adaptations to previous stalking laws. Online stalking is anonymous but still against the law. Going through someone’s feed and accidentally liking a picture is very unsettling. The definition of cyberstalking is the repeated use of electronic communications to harass or frighten someone. There are not many laws regarding this yet but many of the offenses are similar to physical stalking. Following someone in person is also very creepy. In the state of Virginia stalking is defined by Criminal activity consisting of the repeated following and harassing of another person. Physical stalking is a class 1 misdemeanor with first offense. A second offense within 5 years prior to the first offense it is considered a class 6 felony (only if the victim is the same as the first offense). A third offense with any victim is then considered a class 6 felony. If found guilty the stalker and victim will be assigned a restraining order from the judge. Class 6 felonies are punishable by 1-5 years in prison in the state of Virginia.

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When you like a picture from 50 weeks ago

Invasion of Privacy

Everyone has a right to privacy and intruding in their lives without permission is a violation of said privacy right.
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Stalking can often make the victim feel as though their lives are in danger whether death threats are involved or not.
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