By: Ronal Herrera and Jesus Medina

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How is Gonorrhea transmitted.

Gonorrhea is transmitted through sexual contact with the penis, vagina, mouth, or anus of an infected partner. All that is needed to be in contact no ejaculation or anything else is needed to be infected as well. Gonorrhea could also be spread from the mother to the baby during childbirth.

The types of symptoms Gonorrhea produces.

Gonorrhea doesn't really have too many symptoms. One symptom of gonorrhea is experiencing pain while urinating. Another symptom that comes from gonorrhea is abnormal discharge from the men's or women's private areas. Men usually will feel testicle pain and woman will feel pain on their lower belly. In some cases of Gonorrhea, the person doesn't feel any symptoms.
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The importance of seeking treatment for Gonorrhea.

It is important to seek treatment for STDs because many STDs can have dangerous symptoms that could kill you. One of the most common curable STDs can lead to infertility in men and women if not treated.

How to prevent from getting Gonorrhea.

A way you can prevent from getting Gonorrhea is by resisting yourself from having passionate sexual contact with your partner or whoever has the disease. If you can’t hold yourself back, then you have to use female or latex condoms every time you decide to have a vaginal or anal intercourse. Getting Gonorrhea during oral sex is very uncommon, but you can reduce the risk even more by using condoms or latex or a plastic barrier.
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What to do if you get Gonorrhea?

If a person were to get a Gonorrhea they would immediately see a doctor and get treated. It is their responsibility to see a doctor or they could experience lots of painful symptoms and could be at risk of infertility.

How does Gonorrhea affect the health of an unborn baby and mother?

Moms that are pregnant and have Gonorrhea have higher chances of miscarriage and infection of the amniotic fluid. Although prompt treatment reduces the risk of these problems, an untreated Gonorrhea infection makes you more susceptible to HIV and some other sexually transmitted infection. If you’re infected with Gonorrhea when you go into labor, you can pass that infection on to your kid. Gonorrhea in newborns most commonly affects the eyes, and babies may eventually go blind if left untreated.


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