Review: The Truth About Forever

By: Julia Strugala

Genre and the Main Characters

-The genre of the book, “The Truth About Forever” is realistic fiction.

-Main Characters:

. Macy Queen (dynamic) - Macy Queen is known as the 17 year old girl whose father died.

. Wesley Baker (static): He is the 17 year old guy described as the “tortured artist”. His mother died because of cancer. All the sculptures around town are his.

. Bert Baker (static): Bert is a freshman in high school and Wes's

. Kristy Palmetto (static): Kristy has scars on her cheek, temple, and forehead. She has blue eyes and blonde hair. She quickly became close to Macy when they started working together

. Delia (static): She is the pregnant owner of Wish catering, as well as Wesley’s and Bert’s

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Internal or External Conflict?

The conflict in the novel is internal, meaning it all happens in Macy’s head. When her father dies the day after Christmas, she tries to stay true to herself but it’s harder than it seems. Along the way, her boyfriend Jason, who goes to Brain Camp for the summer, decides they need to take a break and he said they will figure it out in August when he comes back. Macy then gets a job at Wish catering, owned by Delia. There, she gets to know a guy named Wes. She then needs to decide who to pick: Jason or Wes.

Main Events

5 Main Events:

- Jason breaks up with Macy over e-mail while he is away at camp

- Macy goes for a ride in her car when she sees the Wish catering truck in front of her. She decides to follow it

- Macy talks to Kristy and Delia about the job offer and they give it to her right away because they are low on waitresses

- Macy gets to work right away and gets to know Wes.

- Wes and Macy are driving to a party they will be catering when they run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. While walking to the nearest gas station, they get to know each other.

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Theme of the Book

My theme statement for the book is “Sometimes, things will be hard to get through, but in the end, it will be worth it”

- After Macy’s father dies, she tried to find herself again

- When Jason breaks up with her, it’s hard for her in the beginning, but then she meets Wes

- Working at the library info desk is dreadful for her, but she gets through it