One-Shot Finch Return's!!!

The Maycomb Times

Atticus Finch Shoots Down Mad Dog

On a Sunday afternoon, a middle-aged Negro woman reported a dog gone mad. The denizens of the neighbourhood after hearing the report, locked all windows and doors in hopes of avoiding the rabid dog. Town sheriff, Heck Tate, arrived at the scene with defence attorney, Atticus Finch (better known as One-Shot Finch). Sheriff Tate claiming he had a bad shot, requested Finch to use the rifle and the take the shot. Finch, having many years of experience, shot down the rabid dog with ease. As it turns out, the dog was Tim Johnson, the town dog. However, witnesses claim to have seen Tom foaming at the mouth and walking awkwardly with ill intent. A senior lady, who requested to remain anonymous, claim to have seen the dog growling and bearing it's fangs at nearby animals. "It was walking around with a bloody intent to kill. If it wasn't for ol'Finch, who knows what trouble the dog could've caused." A follow investigation will occur next Sunday, but it was clear in the public eye that Atticus, One-Shot Finch had saved the day.

The Criminal Couple Follow Up Investigation

Last year on May 23, the bank robbing couple, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were ambushed and gunned down. Led by Texas Ranger, Cordell Walker, a team of police officers ambushed them on a rural road near the couple's hideout in Black Lake, Louisiana. According to investigators, Parker was having an affair with Barrow. Her husband, Roy Thornton (currently serving a sentence) quotes "I'm glad they went out like they did. it's better than being caught." Continued on page 4.

Summer Olympics in Berlin

After winning the bid back in 1931, Germany's Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, has been in top form in preparation for next year's Summer Olympics held in Berlin, Germany. However, many countries are beginning to question the ideals of Adolf Hitler, and whether or not to continue with an Olympic Games, hosted by a Nazi regime. Many are suggesting he is insane with a vendetta against Jews, but a recent interview suggests otherwise. Continued on page 6.