Quinten Pluym

Every day there are millions of people that live in poverty. Poverty means that you don't have the money to buy the first necessities of life. Those people are living in the street in a box or in very small houses with little place. It's very hard to live like that. They must beg for a little bit of money to buy some food or clothes. Most of them are also using drugs. Especially in the winter. Drugs keeps you warm and satisfy your appetite. I also want to say something about poverty in our country. When you go to Antwerp or Brussel you see a lot of beggars. These are mostly Belgians. This is the fault of the gouvernment and the employers. The employers rather undertake an employee from Poland or Romania than an unemployed person from Belgium. An Romanian works for not many money. They also do the hard tough jobs. All the gouvernments should do something about that because it isn't only like that in Belgium. Fortunately there are also organizations that do there best to get rid of the poverty.