Paws to Read!

By: Andrew Ha


I like to read action and mystery books. I like them because the tension is at most when there is a chase or escape. I also like to read in a quiet room. I am a fast reader and finish a 300 page book in about 3 days. I remember reading my first real book at Johnson County Library. I like informative books.
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Rainbow Bunchie

Weird that's all I can say. Really upbeat I guess. When I read and its boring I like to watch this to make me laugh.

My latest Blog Entry

Steelhart, Ashfall. I sometimes read at the library because it is really nice and I like the decorations, there cool. Steelhart, I read Steelhart because it is has a lot of action. Yes I enjoyed what I read. I liked the book because of the clear writing and ideas and would definitely read it another time.

10 things about me

1. I love books in a series

2. I hate documentaries

3. I hate biography

4. I like books that have a good cover

5. I usually don't read a book if it has a bad cover

6. I read fast

7. I like mid-thick books

8. I like action books

9. I hate reading short stories

10. I hate reading very very long books

Recomendation sites This site is a great site to find good books.


I think I learned a lot in reading and it definitely makes me happy.

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