How to Multiply and Divide Decimals

By:Luke Price

Multiplying Decimals Steps


1.First you write down your problem. Lets do 32.7 x 67 as an example. Write it down.

2.(optional) You can pretend the decimals aren't there at all.

3.So now you need to do 7 x 7 which you should end up with forty-nine then you write down the nine and carry your four above the two.

4.Then you stumble across the problem 7 x 2 then add 4 (from when you carried) which you should get 18 so write down your eight and carry your one.

5.Then you have to do the problem 7 x 3 plus one (from when you carried) which equals 22 the write your two down at the bottom and carry your two off to the side and write a two at the bottom.

6.After that step now you need to add a zero under the nine at the answer then you need to do 6 x 7 equals 42 so write down your two to the left of the zero and carry your four.

7.Then do 6 x 2 plus four (from when you carried) which will get you 16 and so write down your six and carry your one.

8.So now you need to do 6 x 3 plus one (from when you carried) which equals 19 so write down your nine and carry your one of to the side and then you need to put it at the bottom to the left of you answer.

9.Finally you need to add both numbers together and you should get 21909 as your answer then you count how many place values are left to the decimal in the problem and that's how many times you move your decimal left from the very end (because there is a decimal in every number we just don't write it down all the time!!)

10.Your done and your answer should be 2190.9!!! :)

Dividing Decimals Steps


1.First you write down your problem lets do 89.8 divided by 5 as our problem!!

2.Then you do five can go into eight how many times? Which is once then you do 8 - 5 which would equal 3.

3.Bring down your nine so you get 39 then five can go into 39 how many times? That is 7 times which equals 35 so do 39 - 35 equals 4.

4.Put your decimal straight up to your answer and then bring down your 8 so you get 48.

5. five can go into 48 how many time? That's 9 which is 45 so do 48 - 45 equals 3.

6. add a zero to 89.8 so you make it 89.80 then bring down your zero and you get 30.

7.Five can go into 30 how many times? That's 6 which equals 30 so you do 30 - 30 equals zero and your answer should be 17.96!!

8.Your done!!