Biodiversity: Bull Snake

By: Bryce H.

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Why are Bull Snakes so important to biodiversity?

Bull snakes are important to Biodiversity because they keep many populations in line. Bull Snakes eat rabbits, mice, small birds, and lizards. Some of these animals like rabbits and mice can carry harmful diseases.
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Bull Snakes in Iowa

As you can see in this diagram Bull Snakes are found in only half of the Iowa counties now. They were once a state wide prairie snake but have since been declining.

How can we help the Bull Snake Population?

There is not a lot we can do to preserve the Bull Snake because one of the main reasons that they are declining is because of increased farmland. The uprise of urban areas and developments has destroyed a lot of the Bull Snake's habitat.
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Native to Iowa

Another reason that we should try and help the population of the Bull Snake is because it is a native species to the Iowa prairie. Bull Snakes prefer the prairie as their natural habitat. The natural prairie in Iowa is also decreasing so by helping the prairie you would also be helping the Bull Snake.