Unit 4 Vocab

Jace Bugay Period 2

Red Scare

The most well-known red scare was also known as "McCarthyism," after the US senator who stirred up anti-communist ideas in the 1940's.

Palmer Raids

The Palmer Raids lead by General A. Mitchell Palmer, arrested anarchists and deported radical leftists from the United States.


Nativism caused native people to discriminate against immigrants

Ku Klux Klan

After the civil war, an organization KKK formed to suppress the newly power of blacks in the North.



Prohibition made selling and consuming alcohol illegal.


Most of the alcohol during the prohibition were sold and consumed in speakeasies.


Flappers were fashionable young women who changed the view of women during the 1920s

Art Deco

Art Deco is an elegant style of art which began as a Modernist reaction against the Art Nouveau style

Model T

The Model T made motor vehicles affordable to the middle class

Harlem Renaissances

Harlem Renaissance was the time of the african american culture spotlight in music, art, and dance.

Back to Africa Movement

Marcus Garvey created the Back to Africa Movement


The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is an African-American civil rights organization in the United States



Jazz was born and originated from New Orleans and was a movement for African American culture.

Federal Reserve

Stock Market Crash

The stock market crash caused the great depression of the 1920s

Hawley Smoot Tariff

HawleySmoot Tariff, was an act sponsored by Senator Reed Smoot and Representative Willis C.Hawley and signed into law on June 17, 1930, that raised U.S. tariffs on over 20,000 imported goods to record levels.

Dust Bowl

The Dust Bowl was the name given to the Great Plains region devastated by drought in 1930s depression-ridden America.


An okie was a native born in Oklahoma

Bonus Army

The bonus army were a group of 12,000 World War I veterans who massed in Washington,D.C., the summer of 1932 to induce Congress to appropriate moneysfor the payment of bonus certificates granted in 1924.

Bank Holiday

bank holiday is a public holiday in the United Kingdom, some Commonwealth countries, other European countries such as Switzerland, and a colloquialism for a public holiday in Ireland.

Fireside Chats

A fireside chat was an informal radio or television address by a politician

One Hundred Days

One Hundred Days was time of tumultuous change when a flood of legislation swept away venerable market p ractices and gave the American economic system a new contour.

New Deal

The new deal improved conditions for persons suffering in the Great Depression

Al Capone

"Al" Capone was an American gangster who attained fame during the Prohibition era as the co-founder and boss of the Chicago Outfit.

Warren Harding

Warren Gamaliel Harding was the 29th President of the United States

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover was the 31st President of the United States

Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey started the Back to Africa Movement

Zora Neale Hurston

Zora is best known for her 1937 novel Their Eyes Were Watching God

Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes was a famous american poet and writer

Franklin D Roosevelt

Franklin D Roosevelt signed the Meat Inspection Act

Eleanor Roosevelt

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was an American politician, diplomat, and activist