World Religions: Taoism

By: Jasmine Pearson


The most important belief in Taoism is to live in peace and harmony with nature opposed to material things.

They believe this because when Lao Tzu left the state of Chou he left behind civilization and became more in touch with nature. While on his journey he realized "The Way" and taught it to his followers. They practiced his ways because they wanted to become immortal and see reality, so the best way to do that would be to understand it.


Taoism doesn't have extremists. This is because the followers don't disagree with other religions. They just know that people who don't realize the way will never become immortal.

Current Event

The Procession of Taoist Immortals scroll is an important relic of ancient China, but in October it was reported missing during a heated battle over an estate.

I think that the Tao deserve to be upset about this and mad that the protector of the scroll, C. C. Wang, for not taking proper care of the artifact when it went missing. The scroll is very sacred and important to this religion, therefore I believe that their anger is exceptionally necessary.


Poet on a Mountaintop by Shen Zhou was created some time in between 1427 and 1509 (date unknown). This painting was created to represent the most important belief in Taoism: living in harmony with nature. It shows the city in the background and the man admiring the nature in front of him. The city represents materialistic things that the poet has been drawn away form due to nature's appeal.
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The Way is the Pivot of all Things- Poet unknown

"The Way (Tao) is the pivot of all things:
the treasure of good people,
the salvation of those who are not good.
Fine words can be sold,
honored acts can oppress people;
Even though a person is not good,
how can they be abandoned?
Therefore to establish an emperor
and set up high officials,
one may have a great jewel
and drive a team of horses,
but that is not as good
as advancing calmly on this Way.
Why did the ancients value this Way?
By it one can attain without long seeking
and escape from the faults one has;
therefore it is valued by the world."

This poem relates to Taoism because the Tao believe that you should be good toward your God(s). They believe that moving toward Taoism is better than any good deed.