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Week of January 16

Can you believe that January is more than half way over!? Time just seems to fly by!

The lottery is open and being pulled...we would love to have your friends, neighbors, and family join us! Applications are still being taken!

It has been a great week with HOPE squad planning a school assembly and attending an area conference!

So many opportunities for learning and growth!

We will have our first Chat and Chew on February 6 at 4pm. Using information from the survey, it is on a Monday after school, if this doesn't work, we will make adjustments. The goal of this meeting is to chat and discuss items of need for the school. Hope to see you there!

We will be having a lockdown drill on January 26. This is a drill where students are directed to be in the classroom with the blinds closed and the lights off, voices off and in a secure place in the room. Administrators then go around to check that rooms are secure and that things are quiet. We do our best to keep this drill as short as possible, as it raises the concern of students.

Sara Tucker



Amazon Smile and Smith's:

Here is a link to our MAPA facebook page with instructions on how to help MMA with Amazon!

AND a picture on how to sign up for Smith's rewards for the school is below...

Girls Basketball

Need information? Please email Mr. Zack at

Spelling Bee: Maria Montessori Academy's school spelling bee will be held on Wednesday, January 25 at 9am. The top 2 spellers from each class will be able to participate. Class spelling bees will be held prior to Wednesday the 19th. For lower el classes the top 2 level 3s from each class will be chosen. Since the state spelling bee is only for level 3 and up, that is all that will participate in the school bee.

Though all students are encouraged to participate in their class bee, no one will be forced. We do not want this to be a negative experience. Each teacher will do their best to make it a positive learning experience for all. If your child would like to study the list and participate, that is wonderful.

Spelling lists were sent home with students recently. We are not able to share the lists electronically via email, so if your child needs another, please let their teacher know and a paper copy will be sent home.

Calendaring Items

January 25: Spelling Bee: this is the day for the Bee! This will be held in the large gym at 9am...all are welcome to come and watch!

January 31: 9am-1pm History Fair Theme: Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas: This is for grades 6 and 8. We are looking for judges! Please reach out to Ms. Nicoletta for more information (

February 1 Chili Cook-off... details below!!

February 6: Chat and Chew with Ms. Tucker! Come chat about MMA! 4-5 pm in the junior high commons

February 15: STEAM Night

February 15: Gratitude Luncheon for First Responders : It's that time year that we show those we love and appreciate just how much they mean to us! We are looking for volunteers to help with our Gratitude Luncheon on February 15th for our local service workers. If you are interested in helping out please contact Jen at Let's show them how much MMA cares about our community!

February 17: 9am-1pm Science Fair (7th -9th grades) We are looking for judges! Please reach out to Ms. Nicoletta for more information (

February 27-March 3 : Literacy Week...more details to come

Match 2 Literacy Night...more details to come


Pokemon cards, toys, and candy:

Please encourage your student to not bring these items to class. They have become an issue with being taken, played with during instruction, and distracting from the lessons.

Snow in general: One of the goals during the snowy season it to be open for regular hours. We do this because not all parents are able to take time off for delayed starts and also allow for grace and courtesy for those who choose to come in later or stay home. We do our very best to make sure that the parking lot and sidewalks are cleared for safety at school. Please be safe and make the decisions that are best for you and your family. If you choose to stay home please call the office to excuse the absence.

Lost and Found: The lost and found in the lobby and the Junior High Commons are overflowing! Please come and check to see if your student's missing jacket or notebook are in there!

Safety First!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be patient in the parking lot! We know that the parking lot is a source of frustration for many, but if we are all patient, breathe, and slow down we can avoid accidents (of which we have had two fender benders) and injury.

We ask you to pull to the curb to drop students off to avoid accidents from happening and to keep students safe.

PLEASE use the crosswalks and wait for the crossing assistants to create a safe environment! This morning alone there were several near misses as folks crossed from in between cars... safety is a priority! If you need to run something into the school or help your child, please park in a parking space and not along the drop off zone. This will help with keeping the flow of traffic consistent. Please be patient and kind with other drivers as well. Blinkers, patience, and a deep breath go a long way.

Chat and Chew: Our first meeting will be on Monday, February 6 at 4pm. Bring your ideas, thoughts, concerns, etc!

Did you know...

  • Why indoor shoes? Can’t my child just wear socks? Indoor shoes are important for many reasons, but a few key reasons are:

  • Routine and stability. Mr. Rogers (a long time supporter of Montessori Education) once said “Children feel far more comfortable and secure when things happen predictably –with routines, rituals, and traditions. Those traditions, big or small, create anchors of stability, especially in rough seas." That is why Mr. Rogers did the same thing at the beginning and ending of every episode.

  • Transition- Just like removing their jacket, taking off their outside shoes and putting on their indoor shoes signal the transition from home to school and the children know it is time to learn.

  • Environment-Since our students spend so much time on the floor, indoor shoes help keep the environment clean and also cuts down on the noise in the classroom.

Note: it is best to have some form of sole on the shoes in the event of an unplanned fire drill and they need to quickly exit the building. This is why socks are not acceptable. Things like a slipper with a sole, Crocs, Toms, or even a slip on Van style are all great choices.