"Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!" 2-5-16

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Can Food Drive - The grand total number... 2,958 cans! Way to Go SR!

Think Win Win, Synergize and Yee-Haws!


  • Elena for completing a flawless second round of MAP testing.
  • Pam for a great first week at SR. We're so happy to have you!
  • Great blog article by Stephanie on PBL. SR provides so many of these real world learning opportunities for our students.
  • RtI Task Force Ellen, Regina, Alice, Robyn, Theresa, Jordan, Rob, Jojo, and Lindsay for developing a tiered framework of support for students. Thank you Lindsay for organizing and leading this important work.
  • Sharpen the Saw Committee; Gabby, Hanna, Katie, Theresa, Tianne, Laurie, Nora, and Shaina for meeting and planning ways to keep SR balanced and happy.
  • Ivan for being here for Victor most of this week and working so hard to keep our school looking great and supporting all of us!
  • Thank you Alice, Eva, Kiki, Lyn, Ashley, Amy, Rob, and Mabel for adjusting our Kinder recess and lunch to give students more space to play. Great synergy.
  • Amanda for subbing for Laurie when her Guest Teacher did not show, Lindsay and Alice F. for subbing for Shiela, and Eva for Katie. Thank you for always helping others when needed!
  • Sabrina, Lisa, Cara and Katy for the great collaboration days. Great leadership.

  • K-2 Teachers for writing great lesson plans this week for your Guest Teachers so that great teaching occurs even when you are out.
  • Awesome class weekly communications by so many - Brittany and Shiela have student leaders write the articles.
  • Julie for collecting students thoughts and thank yous on a card for John and Liz who are moving back to AZ. They have selflessly volunteered so much of their time for the last five years in Solana Beach.
  • Thank you to each of you for making SR the best place to teach and learn!
  • GO HAWKS!!!!

Put First Things First and Begin with the End in Mind

  • Don't forget to shower your secret valentines with kindness.
  • Next week, be sure to give hall passes to students. If they do not have a hall pass, please give students a "Think Sheet" to fill out in the office.
  • Happy Birthday Lauren, Learning Center Aide, and Debbie, Music. Enjoy your special day and know that you make a difference!
  • Congratulations Tianne. She is having a boy!!
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Who Am I?

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Sushi

Little Known-Talent: I can play the clarinet

Favorite Activity to Sharpen the Saw: Reading and Writing

Famous Person you Admire Most: Ellen Degeneres

Favorite Quote: "Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today."

Mystery Person: Elena Butler

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