Important Reminders!

...or how to be ready for the Feb 18th PD Day

Before February 18th you need to...

  • print your session tickets (from your EventBrite confirmation email)
  • sign up for Edmodo
  • charge your iPad
  • write down your iTunes account info for getting apps (or know it well!)

On February 18th you need to...

  • bring your charged iPad
  • bring your Edmodo and iTunes account info (or know it well!)
  • bring your session tickets
  • come ready to learn, share and have fun!

And a few tips...

  • Remember parking is limited - carpooling and arriving early are good ideas!
  • You will have a 90 minute lunch break - but at the same time as everyone else in the district. Plan accordingly.
  • Ask your TIS (Technology Integration Specialist) or a TTL (Technology Teacher Leader) for assistance in preparing in advance if needed!
  • And don't forget to share what you learn at your PD! Tweet something you learn or enjoy with the hashtag #D5PD. (Not sure how to tweet? Let one of us help you start today!)