How to Rent a Car For Dummies

How to Rent a Car For Dummies

Renting a car for the first time may seem confusing. There are multiple steps to making sure that you can secure transportation in a new city. Here are a few of the things that you need to know in order to rent a car.

Meet the Age Requirements

In most cases, you have to be 25 in order to rent a car. This is a surprise to many people. Usually in the United States, you can participate in most things at the ages of 18 or 21. So why is the age to rent a car so much higher? The answer lies in the numbers. Young adults over the age of 25 are much less likely to have wrecks. Therefore, the liability for the company goes down, and insurance is more affordable. After all, the rental car business is there to make money. Therefore, it is natural that they want to protect their assets.

Have a Credit Car

In order to rent a car, you are usually required to have a credit car. In this instance, a debit card is not acceptable. The card also needs to be in the name of the primary driver of the car. This means that you cannot use your parent, boyfriend, or even spouse's credit card unless the card is also in your name.

Research the Insurance

If you are a current driver with active car insurance, you may want to research your insurance. In some cases, the plan you have will cover some rental insurance. This is cheaper than the rental companies insurance. Think of it like your own DIY home security system. This is common with major insurance providers. If not, you will want to purchase insurance through the rental company. The insurance varies by mileage and where you are. It is also impacted by your driving record. If you are in a higher risk situation, such as bad weather, you may want to purchase additional insurance even if your plan covers rental cars.

Make a Reservation

This is not always required. In some cases, you can simply pick up a car. However, you may consider reserving it in advance for a better buy. This is great for a variety of reasons. First, you can normally get a better rate. You can lock this rate in, even if cars are more in demand during the time that you travel. If you have prepaid for the car, it will be an even quicker process to pick up the car. Additionally, you can generally choose the type of car that you want. Even if it is not the exact car, you will at least know what size you are getting. You do not always have to prepay to make the reservation. Even if you simply reserve it, you at least have an assured car. This is vital during holiday and heavy travel times. Otherwise, you may be stuck without access to transportation.

Pick up Your Car

Picking up your car is simple. You will need your ID. Your reservation and credit card must be in the same name as your driver's license. So, if you have changed your name doe any reason, you need to make sure that your license is updated. You generally have to possess two forms of ID. However, most companies will accept your credit card as your second ID. When you pick up the car, there will be papers that you need to sign. These are normal disclosures. When all the papers are signed, you are free to take to the road and enjoy your adventures!

Renting a car does not have to be stressful. In fact, if you follow these steps, renting a car is extremely easy. In most cases, you can even do it at the airport in a new city. As long as you meet the requirements, it will not be long at all before you are driving off the lot in your rental car! Let the adventures begin!

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